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Peter hit a child suspected of domestic violence? FBI’s findings turned out to be… Julie and Peter for child custody according to Taiwan media reports, Hollywood actor Brad · (Brad Pitt); Peter and Angelina · Julie (Angelina Jolie) announced after the divorce, child custody to grab much earlier to raise a Babel of criticism of the court, awarded to the woman, but after the Losangeles child welfare unit said he had no son of domestic violence now, the FBI report also officially released, his innocence, for after a custody battle and more favorable. Peter had previously been convicted of the September 14th crazy on a private plane, the children roar, also played the eldest son Medos (Maddox), witnesses claimed that he was a deliberate attack, let the United States Department of child welfare and FBI has been involved in the investigation, the latter in 18 interviews with Julie and 6 children for more than 4 hours, according to the American NBC TV reported, FBI announced that the case has now said the end of the investigation, did not find a battered scar on the eldest son, decided not to prosecute him, plus previous child welfare units, equivalent to help him thoroughly washed. In fact, Peter and Julie had previously offered to share custody, but the woman thought he was drinking, drug abuse and other issues, not willing to compromise, the court then custody of 6 children were awarded to Julie, so he will visit the children will need supervision agreement psychotherapist because there is no time limit for this, but the agreement, each other until the new consensus agreement, now is used to extend the deadline, the two sides will continue consultations during this period of time.相关的主题文章: