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Pediatric dentist guidance secrets and nursing methods – baby teeth tooth Sohu maternal Zai Zai almost 2 years to air leakage, that is because he has teeth in cycling fall knocked out when he was 4. It is a deciduous, now he entered the new period after permanent teeth has long out. But this is not because his teeth fall off naturally but Kediao, and now the middle of the two front teeth have a very wide gap, I am a bit worried, last week took him to the dentist made his diagnosis, fortunately did not cause illness without the need for intervention. But in order to his teeth well, I was still listening to the doctor’s choice to wash his teeth, and do pit and fissure closure. I have to go to the dentist regularly to take care the teeth under the habit of checking, because a good teeth can give children bring more convenience and confidence, smile. I know, in Europe and the United States, many people have a dentist and fixed habits, but the domestic, this habit is not formed. Some people may say that there is no longer a long time it does not matter, and so on with the correction on the line. There are many people who do not actually use the correct device, do not know how to wear braces for nearly 2 years will be a painful thing. Of course, there are a lot of attention to the importance of the mother of the teeth, often in my WeChat public message, ask me about the baby teeth thing. However, due to my personal care for baby teeth health care is not comprehensive enough, so I write less. I have the honor to invite me and his dentist today, Xinhua Hospital Shanghai famous pediatric hospital, is a professional high-end Arrail dental clinic – Dr. Zhu Huifang and share secret baby teeth teeth and nursing methods. The development of deciduous teeth is an indicator of skeletal maturity in baby baby teeth adorable speed and time, can reflect a situation of infant growth and nutritional quality. Some people say that the teeth is a sign of children’s health, this sentence is justified. But the adorable baby teeth sooner or later, and the baby’s physique, nutrition, gender, area and other factors have a certain relationship, often manifested as individual differences, began to 4 months early, late to be 10 months, most babies in general 6-7 months to start teething tooth adorable. Some parents may feel, teeth will always fall, so now the teeth grow not too much, as long as the attention to the permanent teeth on the line. Here I want to say, please do not ignore the teeth grow, because the teeth will be a matter of permanent teeth after the future. So I’ll focus on a note of deciduous teeth adorable and the usual nursing method. The timing and sequence of adorable baby teeth in mandibular incisor: 1 to 6 months; 7 and a half 2 maxillary lateral incisor: mandibular 7 months; 9 months of maxillary first molars, 3 mandibular 12 months; 14 months of the 4 maxillary canines: mandibular 16 months; 18 months 5 maxillary second molars. The lower 20 months; 2 year old maxillary of course, this is not to say that parents do not echo what the books say immutable and frozen. Some children will be the emergence of individual teeth eruption Shun相关的主题文章: