Pass the joint TPG bid for Chinese Wumart McDonald’s business

Transfer bid for McDonald’s Chinese Wumart combined with TPG business according to Caixin news, in a bid China McDonald’s business team, another Chinese enterprise figure – Wumart group. At present, the three consortium submitted bids, respectively, CITIC Group and the Carlyle Group, the first agricultural groups and retailers Wumart group TPG. Since the end of March this year, McDonald’s announced the introduction of strategic investors in mainland China, Hongkong and South Korea Chinese market, and promised to provide a limited 20 years to join the franchise to the acquirer. At that time the strategic buyers have the intention of Bain Capital, TPG Capital, Carlyle Group, Green Tree Hospitality and the first agricultural groups to participate in the tender, while McDonald’s hope to have a strategic investor to join Chinese. Subsequently, Beijing BTG sanpower group, China chemical companies have also joined the ranks of the tender. The total share of McDonald’s in Chinese fast-food market last year has dropped to 23.9%, far below the 40% in 2012, analysts said, McDonald’s Chinese market brings novelty in gradually disappear, consumers don’t care about the price, are turning to more healthy choices. The media also said that McDonald’s Japan could not escape "sold" fate. Japanese McDonald’s as a pioneer in the country of the fast food industry, in recent years have scandal, and has failed to restore the lost customers decline, reform the company is, including the closure of loss and enhance the image of the store. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: