Part 2 Tips And Hints For Unique Baby Shower Gifts Every New Mother Needs!

A new mom will appreciate small gifts at the hospital too, including flowers, but remember, she’ll have to carry it all home, along with the new baby, so you may want the gifts to go directly to the house if they are larger items. Her in-hospital survival kit may also include: 1. A water bottle with straw top (She’ll be advised by the nurses to drink plenty of water.) 2. Toiletries such as liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner, since the hospital brand may not be as nice, and she’ll want to get dressed nicely to leave the hospital. 3. A stack of thank you note cards. She can catch up on the note writing from the shower while baby sleeps if she finds she can’t sleep. 4. A sweet treat. The hospital menus in most maternity wards are pretty good, but she’ll appreciate being able to get a snack anytime day or night. Include some healthy choices too such as sunflower seeds or vegetable chips. Gift Ideas for Any Budget: If the expectant parents have not registered for gifts, then you may need some ideas to help you find just the right gift to wel.e the new baby. Following are gifts that can be put together for any budget and to cover all the areas of caring for a new baby. Gift Baskets: Gift baskets are a great way to .bine several smaller items into one beautiful presentation. You can create themed baskets for any aspect of caring for baby such as the following: 1. Bath Time – Include baby washcloths, shampoo, lotion, powder, and a rubber ducky 2. Bedtime – Favorite children’s story books, a soft blanket, a nightlight, and wind up music box 3. Feeding Time – Rubber tipped spoons, jars of gourmet baby food, teething biscuits, bottles, bottle brush, bibs, travel formula container that pre-measures formula, character bowl, and sippy cup 4. Memory Maker – Picture frame, brag book photo album, silver box for a lock of hair or the first lost tooth, sticker calendar that records milestones such as first smile and first check up, scrapbook supplies, extra film for the camera, photo paper to use to print digital photos from the .puter 5. Character Themed Baskets: Winnie the Pooh, Seasame Street, Lambs and Chicks, Paddington Bear, Madeline, or others. These can include stuffed animals, blankets, dishes, towels, bibs, etc. all with the character. In addition, here are some ideas for these categories that maybe too large for a basket. Gifts for Bath Time: 1. Baby Bathtub with foam insert to cradle baby 2. Wash clothes and hooded towels 3. Terrycloth robe 4. Bath toys including stacking cups, floating fish, and tub crayons that write on the sides of the tub Gifts for Bedtime: 1. Sleepers 2. Crib sheets & .forters 3. Blankets 4. Mobile for over the crib 5. Baby monitor 6. Foam wedge to hold baby on his side as he sleeps (the preferred position of pediatricians) Gifts for Feeding time: 1. High chair that clamps to family table top or picnic tables 2. Electric bottle warmer that keeps bottle cold on one side then warms on the other in minutes. Great for midnight feedings without leaving the nursery. 3. Microwave dish with .partments for different baby foods and a lid to store leftovers 4. Food mill for grinding and mashing table foods to baby consistency 5. Juicer for making fresh fruit juices for older babies Gifts to Remember: 1. Personalized baby books 2. Personalized story books with baby as main character 3. Monogrammed silver rattle 4. Engraved picture frames 5. Framed artistic version of baby’s birth certificate 6. Shadow box of newspaper headlines and time related items to create a sort of time capsule for the day baby was born. i.e. top movie and music, stock stats, who is president, etc. Handmade Gifts: 1. Knitted sweaters, booties, hats and blankets 2. Hire an artist to do a painting from a picture of the baby 3. .pile a scrapbook of mementos from the pregnancy and birth and all of the showers 4. Handmade teddy bear from Build-A-Bear retail outlet An important thing to remember is that if you feel you’re still not sure what are the best and most essential gifts to give the new mom-to-be, the odds are someone working with you on the shower or another close friend or relative has been a new mom somewhat recently and you can ask them what the found to be really necessary and useful gifts and what were the things they really wanted and needed. You might also found out what they wished they had now that they’ve been there and done that! One final note about gift giving: As the hostess of a baby shower, it is important that either you or someone you have assigned record all of the gifts given and by whom. The new mother should always express her gratitude in writing with a thank you note. You can use your Guest Checklist of invited guests to write what the gift was and if a thank you note was sent. This also serves as a great remembrance when given to the new mother to keep in a scrapbook. Finally, just make sure you are prepared, enjoy working with the others, and HAVE FUN! It is your duty and you have a right to it! 相关的主题文章: