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Pakistan: the export downturn should monetary prospects fenggao sell aud Huitong network February 16th News – Tuesday (February 16th) the French bank of Paris (BNPP) said on Monday (February 15th) announced the January trade data Chinese far less than expected, the import and export data fell sharply again, the economists believe that the actual economic data is likely to be worse than according to official data released. The bank pointed out that China Lunar New Year holiday, Monday China stock market reopened, USDJPY fixing price fell to 6.5118 last week, due to weaker dollar. In spite of the strong performance of the Australian dollar, it will continue to sell at a higher level, because the broader risk environment is expected to lead to the problem of commodity export money. Pakistan said that if Thursday (February 18th) the weak employment data released, the market valuation of the RBA could quickly turn into a more dovish, and the "STEER " model shows that compared with the short-term fair value, the Australian dollar overbought. Data released Monday, January at an annual rate of China exports fell 11.2%, is expected to decline by 1.9%, before the value fell 1.4% YoY in January; imports fell 18.8%, is expected to decline by 0.8%, before the value fell 7.6%. The two declines are far ahead of expectations. China’s trade surplus in January was 63 billion 300 million US dollars, with an expected surplus of $59 billion 850 million. At 14:33 Beijing time, the Australian dollar reported 0.714952. 法巴:商品出口货币前景低迷 宜逢高抛售澳元   汇通网2月16日讯――周二(2月16日)法国巴黎银行(BNPP)表示,周一(2月15日)公布的中国1月贸易数据远不及预期,进出口数据均再度大幅下滑,该行经济学家们认为实际经济数据可能比官方公布的数据更加糟糕。   该行指出,中国农历春节长假后,周一中国股市重开,美元兑日元定盘价跌至6.5118,因上周美元走软。尽管作为回应澳元表现坚挺,但仍将逢高抛售,因预计更广泛的风险环境将令商品出口货币存在问题。   法巴称,若周四(2月18日)公布的就业数据疲软,市场对澳洲联储的计价可能迅速转为更加鸽派,且该行“STEER ”模型显示,相对于短期公允价值而言,澳元兑美元处于超买状态。   周一公布数据显示,中国1月出口年率下滑11.2%,预期下滑1.9%,前值下滑1.4%;1月进口年率下滑18.8%,预期下滑0.8%,前值下滑7.6%。二者跌幅均远超预期。中国1月贸易顺差633亿美元,预期顺差598.5亿美元。   北京时间14:33,澳元兑美元报0.7149 52。相关的主题文章: