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Arts-and-Entertainment Are you passionate about painting? Do you own an Android phone? Then, you can get many painting-related apps for your handset. You can enjoy quality time creating paintings virtually now. Many Android apps are there for various aspects of painting, design and drawing. It is interesting to use such apps, because they are fit for touchscreen displays. You can create a nature painting or abstract artwork quite easily on your handset. Here are five nice Android apps for painting-related uses. Picasso: It is a famous Android app for designing doodles and decorating existing pics. It is easy to play with this painting app from DPs World. It is one of the best options on Android phones to indulge your creative side. It is also ideal for decorating images with smileys, hearts and comments. You can download the app for free from Play Store. Infinite Painter: It is one of the best Android apps for designing. It will lead you to immense world of virtual art designing. Well, many painters have rated Infinite Painter as going far beyond any other apps for the purpose. The app offers tile-based canvases for painting, which is called Infinite Canvas. This will give you almost the same experience of painting artwork on a physical canvas. Further, it has natural brushes, blending colors and more nice features. The app can be downloaded from Play Store for a price around $5. Adobe Photoshop Express: Put it simply, it is the Android version of the worlds most popular image editing software Adobe Photoshop. Priced at around $5, Photoshop Express is certainly the most dependable Android app for painting, drawing and modifying artworks. You can enjoy almost all core Photoshop features in this app for phones and tablets. Paint: It is one of the popular free Android painting apps. The app from ElectricSheep is perfect for quick editing of images and creating nice paintings . It offers all essential features for virtual painting. You can change background colors, edit and modify the already existing images. Kids Paint: As its name suggests, Kids Paint is an exclusive Android app that will let your kids to learn painting. According to AppConsumer, it is one of the best free Android Apps and Games for Kids. The app, which is designed by Virtual GS, is available for free from Play Store. Indeed, the app will help you familiarize your kids with the basics of painting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: