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Marketing Any person or .pany who is running an opt-in email marketing campaign should look forward to there being ways to help increase the open rate of their email newsletter. From writing creative, clever and .pelling calls to action to monitoring the stats on when readers do open and interact with newsletters, the perfect formula for each and every .pany or individual is unique. What matters is that the right questions are asked, and with the answers received, a plan is form. Some of the questions that an email marketing head might ask are: 1. What percentage of the subscriber list actually opens the emails? 2. When do people open emails – what time of day, what day of the week? 3. How soon after the emails are received do readers open them? 4. Is there a correlation between how long it takes a reader to open the email and the likelihood that they will click through or make a purchase? 5. Are there readers in different time zones and if so, how does send-time affect that? 6. Do I always send emails at the same time or does it vary? By asking these types of questions marketers can begin to see trends in how their readers interact with newsletters, especially if one has chosen a send-time that they stick to. If sending is erratic, it may be more difficult to see patterns, but it might provide insight into which times of the day got the best response. Emails should be timed for optimum convenience. You don’t want to send emails at a time when your readers are likely to either be done for the day, or for a time when they are likely to be swamped with work. Now, there is no one-size-fits-all. While one .pany might tell you they have the most success sending their emails early on Monday morning so that it arrives in the inboxes of clients in all U.S. time zones at the beginning of the work day, another might tell you that when they sent out emails of Monday mornings that they tended to get lost in the shuffle. The best way to find out what works is to monitor your results. Of course, you could also just ask. Survey your readers and ask when the best time to contact them is. If you find your readers divided easily into two camps, you might even consider sending out two batches in order to best reach your readers when they are available and interested in your emails. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: