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Only 79 of the world’s Leica Special Edition M-P Grip your heart? Tencent digital news (compiled: Hamish) this is not the first time we see the limited edition Leica camera, the company often sold in various models launched special edition (for example, in cooperation with the rock star Lenny Kravitz launched the old version of M-P). However, this time by the designer Rolf Sachs to create a special version of M-P Grip will be different, this special edition of the global offering only 79 units. Only 79 of the world’s Leica Special Edition M-P Grip your heart? Perhaps you think that the limited edition of the special edition must use platinum or other rare materials, but this time you guess wrong. Leica said that the special edition of M-P Grip does not use the traditional leather material, and the use of a large red tape similar to the red tape of a table tennis bat, which makes it look quite bold appearance. There is a bump Special Edition M-P Grip shell rubber, which makes it look more visual impact, but also better. Leica said that the camera provides users with an extraordinary visual and tactile experience, to a new way to stimulate people’s enthusiasm for photography". Only 79 of the world’s Leica Special Edition M-P Grip your heart? Since it is a special edition, the price of course is "very special" – it is priced at $14950. In fact, this is not the most expensive special edition Leica, the special edition of the Leica M 60 price of $18500. In addition to the rubber shell, the camera has some unique visual effects. It’s camera buttons and features are used in the design of the black roller red sculpture, designer Rolf Sachs name etched on the back of the camera, each special edition M-P Grip has a unique number. In addition to appearance, special edition M-P Grip configuration and the ordinary version of M-P is exactly the same, are equipped with a 24 million pixel full frame CMOS sensor, Maestro image processor collocation. Special Edition M-P Grip will only be sold in Leica’s global retail store, the listing time is October 31st.相关的主题文章: