On the prairie Sahuan, Dongfeng Fengshen play new tricks – Auto Sohu polartec

On the prairie Sahuan, Dongfeng Fengshen play new tricks – Sohu in August 23rd, 2016 the first Asian Beach Soccer Championship. As the Asian Beach Football Championship strategic partner, Dongfeng Fengshen AX7, A60, A9 and E30, and other products, SUV, cars, new energy vehicles, the three Legion lineup before departure. Through the "Oriental Dubai" Xiangshawan said, competitive in the vast grassland for Erdos, vitality and enthusiasm sand foot cry, let Dongfeng Fengshen young sport show most incisive style. Multi line marketing, brand flagship young at the beginning of July, Dongfeng Fengshen quality tour third season Joe Aguirre, following the first season of "conquered the five continents and the second season proud salute heroes forward" after the season, quality of the trip before the continuation of the two quarter tone, in strengthening the military quality foundation, combined with sports, fashion different theme, "fashion? Technology" brand connotation further show. In July 2nd, Dongfeng Fengshen Shake Run had to join the music as sports with more than 3000 "Le Paoxia" together in the park at bay, 5 kilometers of track to start jogging. The support for the continuation of the foot of the foot of the Dongfeng youth tone. June this year, J.D.Power released data show that as of this year, after 80, 90 after the car has accounted for 60% of the proportion of car buyers consumers. Under this background, the flagship brand of young has become a large number of car companies carry the head of the banner of brand marketing. With the help of Dongfeng Fengshen sand foot race, to transfer a product to build an excellent platform to young trendsetter. The Dongfeng Fengshen help out collection of competitive football, rave and passion for performing elements such as beach football undoubtedly ignite the August strong Ordos grassland fertile plants in cattle and sheep. Erdos Asian Beach Football Championship, held for the first time in China, compact stadium, loud roar stands, cheering audience, then the collocation characteristics of beach sports unpredictable, sand foot created a magnificent "integration of athletics and entertainment party". When the field whistle sounded, the audience cries for vibration deaf national football and the moment, continue to insist on the strategy of Dongfeng Fengshen brand to the high spirited tone and. In order to highlight the brand younger colors, Dongfeng Fengshen also join CCTV hit reality show "on science and technology! Towards the future. Marketing activities of a number of activities, no doubt is to cater to the attention of young consumer groups. Happy couple, car performance rose brand marketing is a kind of means of publicity, can be recognized by consumers, mainly to see the market performance. Dongfeng Fengshen 1~7 month accumulative total sales reached 76322 vehicles, an increase of 33.5%, which in July monthly sales of more historical 10000. At the beginning of 2015, Dongfeng Fengshen has established 125 thousand of the annual sales target, has completed the first half of the 53% sales target. Dongfeng Fengshen immediately at the beginning of July raised the established sales target this year, this is the brand since its inception in 2009 for the first time on the sales target of the medium-term adjustment. 3 Department of Dongfeng Fengshen gradually improved (A30, E30), 6 (New A.相关的主题文章: