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Old chat household appliances you know the home of the "device" how much electricity consumption? Leave come back, but found no one to open the background, I think, is really So Sad. But the name is "when I was a bad friend, asked Yang:" what is the difference between the level of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grade three?" So today is about Yang electrical energy efficiency level of those things. What is the energy efficiency rating? The energy efficiency rating is a classification method of household appliances energy efficiency difference between high and low, currently the world’s more than and 100 countries have already implemented the electrical energy efficiency grading system, but each country has different standards. Since 2005, our country began to research and promote energy efficiency labeling. Since the beginning of March 1, 2005, all refrigerators and air conditioners will need to reach a certain energy efficiency Bizet sale. Later, washing machines, water heaters, induction cooker, rice cooker, television, computers, microwave ovens have joined the energy efficiency army. China’s energy efficiency labeling design with blue and white color, the earlier standard into five grades according to the efficiency score. Grade 1 said the products reach the international advanced level, the minimum energy consumption of electricity, namely; grade 2 said more energy-saving; Level 3 represents the average level of energy efficiency products for the Chinese market; level 4 product energy efficiency lower than the market average level; 5 is the market access indicators, production and sales are not allowed below the level required the product. In addition to the above information, but also includes the production of the product, model, energy efficiency rating, 24 hours of electricity consumption, the volume of each room, according to the national standard number. The latest domestic standards will be energy efficiency 4, 5 has been eliminated, that is less than the level of energy efficiency products on the prohibition of production and sales of 3. The new standard is not one with the old standards, the corresponding relationship is as follows. After reading this picture may be a lot of people will lap this energy efficiency ratio is what? Energy efficiency ratio is the ratio of energy conversion efficiency, that is, the consumption of a certain amount of electricity, which is not wasted electricity ratio. They don’t understand the words for example is good, such as open one hour need to consume electricity, which really for cooling spent half a degree, such as the operation of the machine to maintain the lighting and so on spent half a degree. The overall power ratio is the ratio of energy efficiency. But the energy efficiency levels of different products are actually different. Air conditioning, for example, energy efficiency is defined as the amount of custom cooling capacity and rated power (power consumption) ratio. As for the washing machine, the energy consumption level is based on electricity consumption, water consumption and cleaning ratio, the parameters are more complex. How should we choose so much? If only from the point of view of energy saving, for the same product line, it is certainly the smaller the better energy efficiency rating. But in fact, the level of energy efficiency of each upgrade, product prices have increased. Air conditioning, for example, the formula for power consumption = (air conditioning power efficiency ratio) * time, can be calculated, the energy efficiency level of each drop, the difference of power consumption is about 6%. 1 products than the level of the product compared to the annual cooling time of 500 hours, accounting for 5.相关的主题文章: