Note Xiahe relief Daxia river flowing deep affection — public,

Note: Xiahe relief Daxia river flowing deep affection — public – Washington (Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Ma Fuchun) a sudden flood, let Gansu Linxia and Gannan youth heart tightly together. The afternoon of August 22nd, flood debris flow occurred in Gansu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Gannan province in Xiahe County, due to heavy rains flood the Xiahe County Township People’s life property damage. In the face of the sudden disaster, launched the emergency plan in Xiahe County of Gannan, to mobilize all forces to respond to disasters. Xiahe County group quickly issued a notice to recruit volunteers for the county, for a time, a positive response, Xiahe youth to participate into the disaster relief line. Adjacent to the Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, also concerned about the disaster in Xiahe county. The flash floods, Bao Xueyuan dialed the telephone, the Communist Youth League of Xiahe County Party Secretary Gsangi, the Communist Youth League of Linxia Guanghe county Party Secretary to do something for the xiahe. Bao Xueyuan is the Linxia Youth Welfare League board of supervisors, that night, he would discuss with partners to raise disaster relief supplies, disaster relief forces plan will also preliminary idea to the Communist Youth League Committee of Linxia. Bao Xueyuan and the idea of charity partners received strong support from the Communist Youth League Committee of Linxia, Linxia, Gannan city group and group consultation after docking, a massive relief action launched youth. In August 23rd, the Linxia Youth Welfare League director unit of Lanzhou precision of three public team went to Xiahe County and township Lengzhen by barley disaster investigation. August 24th, the Linxia youth charity alliance to Gansu disaster relief coalition to reflect the disaster, and apply for relief supplies. Gansu public welfare relief alliance received the news, from Tianshui, county emergency preparedness warehouse allocated 30 tents and 500 Foundation Warm package support xiahe. The morning of August 25th, a joint disaster relief team composed of 21 Linxia Youth Welfare Alliance member institutions, 28 volunteers, two trucks rushed to the emergency in Xiahe county. Delivery of relief supplies, disaster relief team members and into the most affected Amanda miscellaneous village, to help local people to clean up the mud, and some of the people affected by the material handling transfer. The afternoon of August 25th, under the command of Xiahe County relief ministry under the unified command, rescue team put 114 victims of resettlement in La Bo Lengzhen conch square disaster relief tents. In August 29th, After rain the sky looks blue. Labrang Xiahe County, Tibetan primary school in laughter. This day, the Linxia Youth League sent to raise public warm bag for 500 students lapuleng Tibetan primary school severely affected families. "Before the disaster, everyone regardless of nationality, million people united as one man, faith, Linxia Youth Welfare Alliance sent love, show love. We should learn to be grateful, learn to love, regardless of the Tibetan, Hui, Han are a family, we have to pass this friendship for generations." Lapuleng Tibetan primary school headmaster said. This is the first large-scale Xiahe disaster relief, rescue Linxia Youth Welfare Alliance was launched. According to statistics, within a few days, the Linxia Youth League from all over the province to raise public interest相关的主题文章: