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The northeast side of the sea through adding new channels: Heda highway opened to traffic – Beijing, Xinhua News Agency Changchun November 1st news (reporter Yao Youming) He Da Expressway in Jilin recently opened, marking the north of Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, South to the Liaoning city of Dalian province freeway through. High speed large crane length of 1394 kilometers, passing through Jiamusi, Qitaihe, Jixi, Mudanjiang, Dunhua, Tonghua, Huanren, Baishan, Dandong City, Heilongjiang province and Jilin two is off to reach the sea a north-south fast channel. Spread out a map of Jilin province will find Heda highway in Dunhua city and Hunchun to Ulanhot highway, in the county of Jingyu and Changchun to Changbai Mountain highway, in the city of Tonghua and Ji’an to Shuangliao highway. Its opening, and further improve the northeast hinterland of the highway network. Dean of the College of Northeast Asian Studies of Jilin University in Xiao said, after the opening of the high-speed large crane, parts of the southeast region of Jilin province and Heilongjiang Province, is expected to open from the northeast edge of an open frontier, leveraging the development and opening up a new round of the revitalization of the old industrial base.相关的主题文章: