North love on the first day of the Chinese three will pass O’Sullivan break the top two clubs-sunny came home

North China love race on the first day three will pass O’Sullivan two Pobai promotion O’Sullivan (information) sina sports news Beijing time 11 evening about 14, 2016 snooker Northern Ireland at the start of the capital of Belfast, on the first day of the eight China players played, Zhou Yuelong, Zhang Anda and Chen Zhe respectively to defeat their opponents pass smoothly, Li Hang, Wang Yuchen, Zhang Yong, Tian Pengfei and Cao Yupeng regret to stop the first round. In addition, the Rockets O’Sullivan with two pole break hundred 4-1 swept the opponent’s promotion. As one of the four events of local new Northern Ireland open race from November 14th to 20, 128 players began to catch on the athletic field from the first round of the game, until the final tournament will be the champion, the total prize money of 366 thousand pounds, 70 thousand pounds this year’s exclusive title, Northern Ireland open is the first occupation snooker tournament since 2008 held in Northern Ireland, a total of Hongkong players including Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun, 17 players for the Chinese Teams. TOP16 player O’Sullivan, the Rockets first round opponent is ranked 117th in the world of David John, a O’Sullivan 3-0 lead with three cities, one of the first and second innings were hit a single shot 131 points and 86 points, John in the fourth inning battle to regain a 63-54 City, the fifth game of O’Sullivan first to use directly after a single shot 133 points to zero closure opponents to win the next game to 4-1. The wizard Higgins also on the first day of debut, against 92 ranked Paul – Davidson, Higgins and just the end of the two major tournament champion prestige, with two rod 70+ and a single shot 107 points of good performance, four sets of 4-0 to rival promotion. Sean Murphy – the usher opponent is Luca Bbu Rachel, Murphy of the game state in the doldrums, the highest score only 6 points, Bbu Rachel two single shot 83 points to 2-0 up again in the third inning, hit a single shot 117 points, fourth Murphy powerless, 6 points after the interruption opponent was a single shot 55 points to win 0-4, the disastrous defeat. Another TOP16 player Trump out of the race, the first round opponent Peter Ebdon automatic promotion. Chinese players, Zhang Anda ranked 104 in the first round against Ian Preece, Zhang anda even under the four cities directly win, the first three or four innings, Zhang Anda hit a single shot 53 points, 54 points and 62 points. Teenager Zhou Yuelong Welsh suffered Longma repair – Stevens, the first Stevens with a single shot 83 points single board reversed 1-0 lead, after Zhou Yuelong won three straight victories ahead score, second and fourth are single rod 50+, then Stevens even after two games will be dragged into the tiebreak, Zhou Yuelong hit a single decider shot 67 points victory, defeated the powerful rival promotion 4-3. Chen Zhe in the game and Ross Miuerde play very well, to hit a single shot 131 points and 53 points with two cities 2-0 lead, third Muir 100-8 pulled one after Chen Zhe continuously hit a single shot 90 points and 56 points, the score will be locked in the 4-1, successfully broke into the second round. Among several other Chinese players,相关的主题文章: