Non traditional security issues cited the police pay attention to more than 1000 people in Shanxi

"Non traditional security issues cited Shanxi police attention over a thousand people were arrested for" network "- Beijing, Beijing, September 19 Taiyuan Xinhua (reporter Song Lichao) with the rapid development of Internet, network information security problems have become increasingly prominent, hackers, virus attacks, network fraud, Internet gambling, Internet rumors and other illegal and criminal activities rampant. Non-traditional security issues have aroused great concern Shanxi police. 19, the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau announced that since 2016, the Shanxi public security organs to increase network safety special rectification, regulation according to the network chaos, to crack down on all kinds of network crimes. 9 months ago, has been investigated and dealt with the network of criminal cases from the criminal suspects arrested 1057 people. According to reports, as of now, Shanxi public security organs network security departments involved in clean-up of network harmful information more than and 300; public inspection through police, issued a warning information 200 (article), released rumor of Article 30, dealt with 30 illegal online rumors, warning users 15 people in trouble. Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau network security corps official said, in recent years, social network information security, either in form or quantity, have explosive growth, all kinds of illegal and criminal activities are also on the Internet to get "grafting" and formed "lesions". Network security chaos, not only poisoned the online air, but also seriously disrupted public order online. "The lack of information security awareness of the public Internet, unscrupulous hacker organized various tricks malicious attacks, phishing, pornography and crime of fraud using the Internet, using network malicious rumors and rumor, has become the whole society to jointly face the non-traditional security issues become a great social harmfulness a new form of crime." The person in charge said. According to reports, in the future, Shanxi will increase the popularity of public network security knowledge, while further strengthening the judicial forces to combat the crime of network crimes. (end)相关的主题文章: