Ningbo bank small business market growth rainlendar

The Bank of Ningbo small and micro business growth under the "market" downtown pressure on the economy, the Bank of Small and micro businesses put more cautious, but there are still many banks, especially small and micro business deep local financial city firm has gone against the tide of growth. "Mendanghudui, services for small and medium-sized" for business purposes of the Bank of Ningbo, continuous innovation of products, improve business processes, and actively expand the financing channels for small and micro, and constantly improve the quality of financial services. Financial support for the real economy, banking services for small and micro enterprises is an important aspect of finance. In order to better serve small and micro enterprises, Ningbo bank innovative products and small and micro service model. Among them, it is worth mentioning that based on the characteristics of small and micro enterprises of public settlement, Bank of Ningbo launched a set of settlement, financing, financial management in one of the small and micro enterprises agile computing card, to create one-stop style fist products. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Bank of Ningbo, said the enterprise customers can rely on passwords, direct credit card processing withdrawals, transfers and other public settlement business, you can also take cash on the cup ATM machine. With the size of the micro credit CBRC data show that in 2014 Small and micro businesses loan growth has remained above 17%, to the end of the two quarter of 2016, Small and micro businesses loans reached 25 trillion, but the growth rate has dropped to 13.2%. As one of the first listed city firm, the Bank of Ningbo to maintain the overall sound and rapid development, while continuing to increase the intensity of micro credit. Data show that as of 2016 8 at the end of the month, the Bank of Ningbo small loans of 122 billion 800 million yuan, higher than the average growth rate of loans; Small and micro businesses loans 43612 households, higher than the same period last year the number of households; Small and micro businesses to obtain loans rate of 99.15%, higher than the same period last year, successfully completed the CBRC no less than three of the requirements. It is reported that, in order to ensure that the amount of small and micro loans put into place, the Bank of Ningbo in 2016 7 billion yuan single row of small and micro credit lines, of which $2 billion credit limit. At the same time the tilt of the deposit loan ratio assessment policy, the branch of small and micro loans by 50% included in loan ratio assessment institutions, encourage branches to increase lending to small and micro. As of the end of 8, the Bank of Ningbo small and micro enterprise loan balance of 122 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of more than the beginning of the year of 18.8%. As a high incidence of loan risk, small and micro enterprises have also been the subject of many listed banks headache. Thanks to long-term adherence to the concept of risk management and control, the main small and micro enterprises to maintain the quality of the assets of the Bank of Ningbo interbank industry-leading. According to the Bank of Ningbo announced the day before the 2016 three quarterly show, the company’s non-performing loan rate was only 0.91%, down 0.01 percentage points over the beginning of this year, compared with the CBRC announced the rate of non-performing banking financial institutions 1.75%, always in low. Innovative small and micro service model of financing difficulties, financing expensive, long approval time and so are the main problems plagued the development of small and micro enterprises. Bank of Ningbo for the above pain points, innovative small and micro service model. According to the Small and micro businesses financing needs, Ningbo Bank launched the development loan easy financing, small and micro loans, trade finance, finance, finance and other installment lending covers a variety of guarantee, financing period and repayment of loan products, to better meet the financing needs Small and micro businesses.相关的主题文章: