Nine days core characteristics, open team comprehension era — game

"Nine days" core characteristics, open team comprehension era — game nine third day, re cultivation, "nine days" happy five Carnival activities continued in. As a kind of 3D fantasy masterpiece, "nine days" against "comprehension is single-handed Daguai upgrade, the inherent routine singled BOSS anger brush equipment", "innovative team comprehension" concept. The team under a copy of, play horse racing, playing the fortress warfare can quickly upgrade easily?.   team innovation from comprehension, since the new line, "nine days" is the core characteristics of play has been widely recognized by demanding game player. Xuanbing cave, kilohill tower fam copy not only experienced, is the best equipment material output of 100, a win; riding and other fun gameplay make in the game player practice hard I can win easily moment, get the maximum profit in the comprehension of interactive fun with friends. Easy to play games, rich and colorful, exquisite picture and rich practice team play, can not help people hooked! The nine day collection, team play new power at the same time, in order to adapt to the novice game player "better" nine days "core gameplay, R & D team is taken out of the" nine day book ", from the first time into the game, operational guidance hand. The first task, the first time to get exclusive mounts, the first map transfer…… After these first, any game player can be in the "nine days" talent shows itself in this team. Happy Carnival Hao Li constantly fall school season approaching, national Carnival constantly exciting! "The nine day" happy Carnival multiple gifts both hands gently, quick recharge rebate more permanent fashion, refining the soul of jade, you can think of here, you can not think of here, a consumer, a permanent loading force! Do not hesitate to participate in!   (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: