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New strategy! Samsung’s $8 billion acquisition of Harman into the automotive market – Sohu technology Sohu Wenwang Xue Ying joined in the car mobile phone technology is not enough! November 15th, according to foreign media sources, Samsung Electronics announced that it would spend $8 billion acquisition of U.S. auto parts manufacturer Harman International Industrial Company, officially entered the field of technology automotive. If the transaction is successful, the acquisition or Samsung Electronics will become the largest overseas acquisitions so far. Then, Samsung will quickly host in Volkswagen, GM and other existing mature automotive supply chain, with the Harman foundation in the field of high-end car fast open market, a new duel in the automotive field of apple, Google and Samsung will start again. In this regard, there are foreign media believes that Samsung hopes to allow Harman and its own microprocessor and software technology to quickly integrate in the automotive manufacturing sector to achieve further interconnection. This is not a simple cost agreement, Samsung president and chief strategy officer Young Sohn believes that the acquisition is to make full use of both the advantages of Harman, the future of the car will be able to upgrade with the Internet technology. As the "Prince" Lee? The first major action stationed in the board of directors, Daishin Securities Co analyst Park Kang-ho believes that the acquisition of "show Lee? Different from his father in the management style, from a long-term point of view, Samsung mobile phone era after understanding or" the era of electric vehicles". With the rapid development of the electric car market in recent years, Tesla, Google, apple and other technology companies have set foot in the car market, how will the advantages transfer to new areas, this is also the technology companies have been exploring. Prior to Samsung’s stake in China’s electric car manufacturers, the acquisition of Harman, Samsung will be able to concentrate on the car Networking software technology, rather than the spirit of automotive manufacturing and design. "Samsung will not enter the field of automobile manufacturing," HMC Investment Securities Co. analyst Greg Roh pointed out that Samsung or already realize that you cannot rely on their own strength to rely on existing brands separate regime, in the automobile market to seek a place to live in. Currently, Harman as a vehicle networking solutions provider, the world’s 30 million vehicles loaded with their vehicle systems, which will provide the basis for the Samsung’s car system landing. Harman and Samsung in technology, products and solutions perfectly fit, if Samsung as expected, then the car market in the future will usher in the second round of the era of intelligent.相关的主题文章: