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New Delhi consecutive days of haze shrouded room the same shape of the gas chamber original title: Indian capital of serious air pollution was "gas chamber" 1800 schools closed temporarily [Roundup] Singapore "global network comprehensive Singapore United Morning Post" reported on November 7th, the India capital New Delhi, the deterioration of the air, continuous days has been shrouded in a thick haze, about 1800 local the school was forced to close 5 days, local and central government to coordinate the issue urgently. New Delhi’s chief minister, Caga Liwal, said that the outdoor environment in New Delhi is as bad as the "gas chamber" and that all citizens are allowed to stay indoors and stay indoors as much as possible. According to the India Times reported that Caga Liwal, 6, held an emergency meeting announced a series of measures to alleviate the problem of air pollution. He said: "it is urgent to take urgent measures. We should not politicize the problem of pollution, but we should work together to solve the problem." Caga Liwal announced that all schools in New Delhi will remain closed for three days. Other measures include: to suspend all construction and demolition projects for five days; disable diesel generator for 10 days, except in the hospital and emergency situations; 7 days in all road watering; temporarily closed for 10 days in Badal Poole power plant. Caga Liwal will also explore the possibility of artificial precipitation in New Delhi. Caga Liwal pointed out that New Delhi’s air pollution index in the past 15 to 20 days soared high, the main reason is the crop straw burning way neighbor farmers abandoned. He said that the automobile exhaust and waste incineration also contributed to air pollution, on the end of the month to teach during the Hindu festival Deepavali and a lot of people lit fireworks to celebrate, only had a slight impact on air quality. India’s environment minister Dave prior to posting on the social networking site said that he would take emergency measures to control the pollution and the government of New Delhi to exchange views, he suggested that the government of New Delhi to take all possible measures to improve the situation". Mr Dave is expected to meet with leaders of neighbouring countries in New Delhi this week to improve air quality in the capital. With the accelerated pace of urbanization in recent years, New Delhi’s air quality continues to deteriorate. Last week, the number of particulate pollution in the air of a community in southern New Delhi topped 1000 mg for the first time, at a rate of about $10 for WHO. (internship compilation: Dong Yujie review: Tan Liya, Zhou Simin) editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: