Mycophenolate applied to ban 3 years ago, indecent photos outflow extremely sensitive ratatouille

Taylor for banned 3 years ago "indecent" out: extremely sensitive Taylor Taylor · Swift (data plan) according to Taiwan media reports, American singer Taylor (Taylor Swift) held a concert on 2013, claiming that in the background by the radio host David Muller (David Muller) to touch the buttocks, the other is the company dismissed a lawsuit caused by the back of the storm, and the case is still in the trial, she before the date of application to the court for the prohibition of "indecent photos out, approved by the court. Taylor in 2013 in the background with David photo, later claimed by the other side to touch the buttocks, and the other was expelled from office after the radio. However, the radio host Taylor sued slander, bring the matter to court. According to the website "TMZ" reported that Taylor filed to the court in 21, the number of "forbidden to touch the buttocks photos out, she describes the number of photos" extremely private and sensitive "," worry about photos will be shared as shameful and dissolute "behavior, affect the days after the jury’s judgment. But the judge in the case also approved Taylor’s application, prohibiting the photos before the start of the trial, "said the spread of these photos, may let the jury pick more difficult, thereby affecting the outcome of the trial." Although Taylor also applied for the prohibition of other relevant evidence exposure, but the judge believes that other evidence is very common, there is no need to ban, not approved.相关的主题文章: