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MSC flagship Mediterranean cruise "brilliant" plans to put China market Sohu in September 21, 2016, headquartered in Switzerland Geneva the world’s largest private cruise companies and Europe, South America and South Africa cruise market leader MSC announced the Mediterranean cruise, and its one of the most modern cruise, cruise’s most high-profile flagship – Mediterranean cruise brilliant (MSC Splendida) (No. 137936 tonnage) will be put on the market China home port. This is following the earlier announced the establishment of a new wholly-owned subsidiary in Shanghai and the formation of local management and operations team, Mediterranean cruise a further sharp increase is another effective measure China home port capacity, service Chinese cruise market. Built in 2009, the Mediterranean splendor will be one of the newest and largest cruise ships operating in the Chinese market. A total of 1637 Mediterranean brilliant cabin, of which the balcony for the cabin, the maximum number of passengers for the number of 4363 people in the cabin of the 76%. From May 2018 onwards, the number will be brilliant in Shanghai as the main port opening Chinese voyage, and to join the Mediterranean Mediterranean lyric, bring elegant experience for more Chinese tourists. Since May 2016 in China flight since the Mediterranean in the Lyric Chinese great success, and in the near future will be the home port to Tianjin, provides a winter cruise vacation choice for the booming market in North china. In Beijing held a press conference today, the Mediterranean cruise CEO Gianni Onorato said: "the deployment of one of the most elegant flagship cruise we will be the largest and most new design, to Chinese market, once again proved that we are committed to providing the best products for the determination of this important market. In fact, since the Mediterranean Sea has been put into use, she has been the most popular Chinese tourists in the Mediterranean cruise." MSC Mediterranean cruise Gianni CEO Mr. Onorato delivered a speech "to meet the China tourists growing on our unique products and ultra modern cruise demand, we made the second step strong, decided to put on the market China brilliant mediterranean. In the second half of 2014, the Mediterranean will be brilliant in the Chinese market before entering the shipyard renovation, in order to further optimize its excellent guest experience and personalized customization." MSC Mediterranean cruise Gianni CEO Mr. Onorato announced, will say in the Mediterranean brilliant moon phase China Mediterranean cruise market President Huang Ruiling: "the glorious Mediterranean number can come to Chinese, we cannot do without the support and trust of many business partners. They, like us, are very optimistic about the prospects of China’s cruise industry, and firmly believe that our unique products are very attractive to Chinese consumers." MSC Huang Ruiling, President of the Greater China Mediterranean cruise, Ms. Club delivered a speech along with the arrival of the Mediterranean brilliant, Yacht Club (MSC) will be the first time to the Chinese market. This is the first Mediterranean cruise boat boat "exclusive concept, to meet the high-end guests of the exclusive and private large cruise to.相关的主题文章: