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Mobile phone real name system of compulsory " full moon " stop will not have the user real name pin – Sohu news client xinjingwei on 15 November, (Wei Wei) China three operators (China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinese China Telecom) the implementation of real name system "full month in Beijing area". It is understood that since October 15th, the three operators of the Beijing company has a number of non real name in the implementation of the "single stop"; since November 1st has not been the real name of the number will be double stop". The "double stop", such as the user remains within the specified time will be canceled if the real name. (China Mobile announcement screenshot) real name system final sprint this year received many times the operator’s SMS reminder, let me go through the real name system." Beijing citizen Ms. Luo introduced, she handled the currently used Unicom mobile phone number in the University, then only to register the name, ID number and registration does not address information, real name information is not complete, because for three years, have feelings, do not want to change the mobile phone number, but also can through the mobile phone real name registration the client, the operation is relatively simple, I do." In the new longitude client call three customer service operators to understand the latest progress of the real name system, since October 15th, after receiving the notice of the real name system for user messages, if not to the business office or online business hall for the real name registration, will take "one stop" is a one-way stop operation, can only answer the phone the message. 15 days later, from November 1st onwards, the user has not handled the real name registration, will trigger the "stop", is a two-way stop operation, the user can not completely shut down, unable to receive messages. (China Telecom customer screenshot) it is worth noting that the deadline for the real name system for the three operators said staff is not clear, there must be a group notice, but it is recommended to users as soon as possible to near the operating room for real name registration. In addition to the three basic operators, virtual operators are also in the real name system range. Since the advent of virtual operators in 2013, was considered to activate the traditional telecommunications industry catfish, but the problem has not been accompanied by strict regulation of its growth. So, virtual operators to implement the real name system situation? Snail moving the relevant person in charge of the stock of the snail mobile users have started batch user visits, check the information for the user information is missing and inaccurate, the customer service staff will guide the user through real name registration, do not fit or have been shut down or unable to connect users to send text messages if such user. Before the end of December 2016 without real name registration, will be shutdown. Snail mobile real name system has reached 99.7%. The new client query latitude Ali communications, Suning interconnection, millet mobile virtual operators found the official website, for such telephone card must be the real name system, remote upload your own photo ID card and ID card hand user’s head and shoulders. After that, the relevant staff will conduct information audit, audit can be activated after the adoption of. In this regard, the telecommunications industry experts said Xiang Ligang, the number of virtual operators of old users相关的主题文章: