Mo Mo shares of the real control of the shell to sell the mystery of the mystery of the mystery of m jinshen

Po Mo shares of the actual control people to sell the shell mystery heavy shadow mystery premium more than 7 disk hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament the reporter looked Shenzhen reports review according to the announcement, the transfer of the shares and voting rights entrusted to Wu Hao after the completion of the total voting shares has reached 21.69%, the controlling shareholder and actual controller Po Mo shares will thus change. Brewing for a long time, Po Mo shares of the actual controller (002476.SZ) to sell the shell plan officially launched. August 29th, Po Mo shares announcement that the controlling shareholder of Changan group company and its concert Kangxi investment, chairman Xia Chunliang, will together hold 5.58% of the total Po Mo shares 34 million 145 thousand and 176 shares transferred to natural Wu Hao, and will account for 16.11% of voting Po Mo shares 98 million 610 thousand and 530 shares entrusted to Wu Hao exercise, so that the latter become shareholders the right to have the largest proportion of single vote. It is worth noting that the Changan group and its concert above a total of 5.58% of the shares transferred to Wu Hao price per share was 14.33 yuan, compared with the Po Mo shares 8.25 yuan before the suspension of the stock closing price of 6.08 yuan shares, premium reached a staggering 73.7%. This shows that the Changan group and its concerted action in the implementation of the plan to sell the shell, was far more than the corresponding stock market value of 489 million 300 thousand yuan deposit". Thus, after the performance of the stock price is not the temperature of the Mo Bao shares, August 29th resumption of the word limit. Can’t wait to sell the shell out announcement, Wu Hao was born in 1973, Chengdu residence Wuhou District city. In addition, due to the two sides have not yet issued a report on changes in equity, Wu Hao overwhelmed the purpose of controlling Mo Mo shares and its own assets is also a blank. Wu Hao in the end is what people, we do not know this, we just disclose according to the controlling shareholder’s notice." Bao Mo shares staff on the afternoon of twenty-first Century on the economic news reporter, said in August 29th, equity change report will be released within 3 days after the announcement." The mysterious Wu Hao with more than 73.7% of the premium price of equity, market speculation rampant, unable to agree on which is right, but the Po Mo shares staff said, "the transfer price is the result of consultation, relevant laws and regulations and supervision are no limits." The high premium to acquire control of the precedent. In June 2nd, the development of Tibet (000752.SZ) the controlling shareholder of China Everbright Garden announcement will hold 10.65% equity transfer to Tianyi Longxing, which became the largest shareholder, the transfer price per share is corresponding to the development of Tibet before the suspension closing price premium of nearly 80%. This time Wu Hao entered, when the performance of the shares of Mo Mo continued to decline, so the market is expected to have its restructuring. According to a regular report, net profit fell 49.62% last year, the first half of this year, the first decline in the first half of the decline of 19相关的主题文章: