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The Ministry intends to reform and improve the system of pollution permits Chinese Securities News recently, the tenth session of the regional air quality management international seminar held in Beijing, Vice Minister of environmental protection Zhao Yingmin said at the seminar, including the specific progress in areas of environmental quality: to strengthen top-level design, strengthen the protection of the rule of law; to improve environmental quality as the core, increasingly perfect. Management system; environmental protection work is effective, the air quality improved year by year. According to the economic information daily news September 8th, Zhao Yingmin stressed that although the environmental quality management has achieved positive progress, but there are still more extensive environmental management, pollutant emissions, emissions exceed the standard is too large or illegal emissions and other issues, the future will be through the reform and improve the sewage permit system, comprehensively promote and improve the system of environmental protection. Specifically, the first is to establish a system of fixed source environmental management to the sewage permit system as the core, to promote the sewage permit regulations, the sewage permit supervision, lay the foundation for air quality management. Secondly, it is to develop a management directory to achieve full coverage of sewage permits, while gradually incorporating solid waste and environmental noise into the sewage permit management. Again, it is the introduction of a series of technical documents, improve the scientific nature of the license management and refinement, standardize the application of the permit, issuance, implementation and supervision. In addition, including the implementation of corporate compliance commitments, the implementation of corporate environmental responsibility, the formation of a complete system, clear responsibilities, effective supervision and management of a new pattern of pollution. The Ministry of environmental protection science and Technology Standards Department Director Zou Shoumin said that the implementation of these five criteria can substantially reduce particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide pollution, promote technological progress and improve the environmental quality of the industry. January 2015, China’s first nationwide implementation of the sewage permit system, in accordance with the provisions of all sewage units only under the premise of obtaining a sewage permit, it is considered to have a legitimate sewage certificate. For undocumented sewage, the approach made it clear that, in accordance with the provisions of the new environmental law, the person in charge of the direct charge and other directly responsible personnel shall be given a detention penalty. Among them, the pollutant discharge units include the discharge of pollutants of enterprises and institutions and other production operators; at the same time, also divided into key sewage units and general sewage units. The licensing matters for the discharge permit include the type, concentration and total amount of pollutants discharged from the discharge unit. At the same time, the provisions of its emissions, emissions, emissions, and specify the environmental management requirements of sewage units. Editor: Zhang Shuangpeng相关的主题文章: