Ministry of Civil Affairs the application of a new social organization should submit a letter of

The Ministry of Civil Affairs: apply for new social organizations shall be submitted to the party building work commitments – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, according to the Ministry of civil affairs website news, the Ministry of Civil Affairs recently issued the "notice" on the social organization registration to carry out synchronization issues related to the work of Party building, the "notice", apply for a new establishment of social organization, should at the same time submit the "social organizational commitment to the registration authority". "Notice" pointed out that after the registration authority approved the registration of social organizations, social organizations to apply for a certificate, shall be submitted to the registration authority by the social organization submitted to the social organization party members questionnaire. "Social organization party building work commitment" "social organization Party member questionnaire" must be the main person in charge of the organization and the proposed legal representative signed together. The "Circular" said social organizations to submit "social organizational commitment" "social survey" the organization of Party members within 5 working days after the registration authority shall copy the two materials were handed over by the following departments, guide social organizations to carry out the work of Party Building: direct registration of social organizations, handed over to the agency the work of Party building of social organization; dual management of social organizations, handed over to the competent business units; the civil affairs department as the competent departments of the social organization, business scope to do related work according to the party. "Notice" is proposed, for the approval of the registration of social organizations, the registration authority shall notify the sponsor to pay the "social organizational commitment". Before the registration authority approves the registration of the social organization and the social organization applies for the certificate, it shall submit the questionnaire of the party members of social organizations to the registration administration organ.相关的主题文章: