Million domestic machine Porsche version of the HUAWEI mate 9 experience iptd-651

Million domestic machine: Porsche version of the HUAWEI Mate 9 start to experience Porsche customized version of HUAWEI Mate Phoenix Technology News Beijing time on October 28th news, referred to the high-end machine, you may think of apple and samsung. Recently, as the world’s third largest mobile phone maker HUAWEI, officially released the price from the beginning of the 10 thousand (foreign pricing) Porsche customized version of Mate 9, instantly attracted widespread attention. As a domestic mobile phone dare to set such a price, you can see the confidence of HUAWEI to enter the high-end market, of course, this phone is worth the price in the end, we first read the video to start again. To see the appearance of this phone, we will first think of Samsung’s Note 7 or S7 Edge – it is also the face of the double curved screen design, but the degree of bending is slightly less than Note 7. Above the screen there is a row of "Porsche Design" words, HUAWEI claimed that the design of this phone is inspired by the Porsche sports car. The back of the fuselage with aluminum alloy design, looks very texture, and the back of the edge of the surface transition, feel more comfortable. Figure 2: Porsche customized version of HUAWEI Mate 9 configuration, Porsche customized version of the Mate 9 standard edition and roughly the same, the main difference is that it uses a 5.5 inches 2K resolution screen, and the front of the oval type Home key: above integrated fingerprint sensor, also a touch operation, such as sliding around switching background the program, long press can activate Google Now and so on. Porsche customized version of HUAWEI Mate 9 Porsche customized version of the HUAWEI Mate in Europe for the price of 1395 euros (about RMB 10430 yuan), the price is not low. However, according to foreign media reports, the overall evaluation is good. According to HUAWEI official confirmation, Mate 9 of the conference will be held in Shanghai in November 14th, we will again see real style. (compile ambition)相关的主题文章: