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The man cheated 3000 yuan, the other said trick prostitute with HIV testing equipment original title: 20 year old guy online trick prostitute cheated 3000 Yuan Hua Daily News (reporter correspondent Qi Ming Yin Chenqiang) 20 year old man from Yulin in the Internet, use liar network trick prostitute fraud more than 3000 yuan. Invited to the woman as a friend of the QQ said the other side can provide special services on February 13th afternoon, a person in the Home Liu in the Internet, mobile phone QQ pops up a nearby friend invited Liu through the verification, the other is a woman and left a contact in the dialog box. This thought that the people nearby should live near their home, Xiao Liu would call each other and chat with the woman. During the conversation, the woman claimed to be able to provide special services (erotic services), but the service charge was 400 yuan. Unable to resist the temptation of women, Liu will be 400 yuan through the nearest ATM machine transfer to the account provided by the other side. At this point, the other side also called for fear of personal safety temporarily unable to meet, for the sake of security, Liu need to turn 2000 yuan deposit, after the two met, returned to Xiao liu. In this way, Liu once again through the ATM machine transfer to the other side 2000 yuan, I think you can always see each other here. The other side said she had seen Liu in the car, very satisfied with Xiao liu. Xiao Liu looked around happily, but he didn’t see any women around him. The phone, the other has said already saw Liu, but to each other’s body, walking with a set of expensive HIV testing equipment in the car, especially at this time to see Liu, but the heart is afraid, because the machine is expensive, if there is no accident back to good account, hope Liu call 8000 yuan deposit, after meet together to liu. At this point, the confused and confused Liu, although vaguely felt fooled, but still in the other side of the bargain, and then hit the other account into 900 yuan. Transfer after the woman can’t show up for a refund can not contact before and after half a little time in the past, has been known in the vicinity of the woman did not come. At this time, Liu was completely realized cheated, then check the Internet, it was discovered that such fraud is particularly much, exactly the same way, Liu then repeated negotiations ask for refund, the other said at first second days will give him a refund. However, one day later and did not see each other give him a refund. In February 15th, there was no answer to contact with the other side. On the morning of February 15th, the police station of Shahekou branch of Yulin City Public Security Bureau, Xiao Liu Xiang, asked the police station for help, and the police conducted an investigation. Police remind: there are many false information on the Internet, criminals use the Internet to publish false information, the use of trick prostitute information only one of the network fraud network fraud false ", hope that the public awareness, in order to avoid unnecessary loss of property. Editor in chief: SN184

男子招嫖被骗3000元 对方称携艾滋病毒检测设备   原标题:20岁小伙网上招嫖 被骗3000多元   华商报讯(记者 祁铭 通讯员 尹晨强)20岁的榆林小伙在上网时,被骗子利用网络招嫖诈骗3000余元。   受邀加女子为QQ好友   对方称可提供特殊服务   2月13日下午,一个人在家的小刘在上网时,手机QQ弹出一个附近人加好友的邀请,小刘通过验证,对方是一名女子并在对话框留下了联系方式。本以为附近人就应该是在自己家附近居住,小刘便打打电话给对方,与该女子聊得火热。   交谈中该女子自称可以提供上门特殊服务(色情服务),但需要400元的服务费。经不住女子的百般诱惑,小刘将400元通过就近的ATM机转账到对方提供的账号内。而此时对方又称担心人身安全暂时还不能见面,为了安全起见需要小刘再转2000元保证金,两人见面后就退给小刘。   就这样,小刘再次通过ATM机给对方转账2000元,心想这下总能见到对方了吧。对方说她在车上已经看见小刘了,对小刘很满意。小刘高兴地环顾四周,但他在周围并没有看见到女子。电话中,对方一直说早就看见小刘了,但为了彼此身体安全,走时在车上带着一套价格不菲的艾滋病毒检测设备,此时特别想见到小刘,可是心里还是害怕,因为机器价格不菲,怕有闪失回去不好交代,希望小刘再打8000元保证金,见面完事之后一并在转给小刘。此时已被忽悠的晕头转向的小刘尽管隐约感觉上当了,但仍在对方讨价还价后向对方账户又打进去900元。   转账后女子迟迟不露面   要求退钱再也联系不上   前后大半个小时候过去了,一直称就在附近的女子却迟迟没有出现。此时,小刘才彻底才意识到自己被骗了,随后上网一查,才发现此类诈骗特别多,手法如出一辙,小刘随后多次交涉要求对方退钱,起初对方称第二天会退钱给他。然而一天过去了并没有见到对方退钱给他。2月15日,与对方联系已经无人应答。   2月15日上午,小刘向所在辖区榆林市公安局榆横分局沙河口派出所报警求助,警方予以立案调查。民警提醒:网络上有许多虚假信息,不法分子利用互联网发布各类虚假信息,利用虚假的“招嫖”信息进行网络诈骗只是网络诈骗之一,希望市民提高防范意识,以免带来不必要的财物损失。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: