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The man enter the "beauty" of Apple’s mobile phone mobile phone account second brick original title: Men’s beauty mobile phone account Apple mobile phone input seconds into a brick is a good thing to help others, but do not want to own the apple mobile phone into a brick machine. The day before yesterday, the 36 year old Du Mou came to Changshengqiao Chongqing Nan’an District police station said that he suffered the beauty of fraud. Nearby beauty help yesterday, Du recalled something after. He is from Inner Mongolia, working in Changshengqiao Nan’an district. 24 am at about 10, there is a netizen through the phone unfamiliar street software to help people around. Cell phone display, the other side is a beauty, only 1 kilometers away from me." Du Mou said. Beauty said she lost 6 of Apple’s mobile phone, I hope friends can use Apple’s mobile phone to log in her Apple ID (Apple account), to help download the phone’s memory number and information. Du promised to help. Login screen mobile phone then beauty netizens to her account information. After the discovery of Du Mou, account and password is wrong. So, the other party to re send an account information. This time, Dumou successful login, but less than 5 seconds, Du Petrochemical: mobile phone suddenly black screen and reboot enter your Apple ID and password error. Mou realized cheated. Asked to start the cost of a colleague borrowed a cell phone, log unfamiliar street account, and get in touch with each other again. The other was a man, let me transfer 600 yuan, only to my account and password, activate the phone." Du said that the other side of the request straightforward. Du consulting friends and call Apple customer service that, if the phone is not activated, it can not be used. If you can not use, Du in November last year in Jiangbei District, Guanyin Bridge spent 5088 yuan to buy Apple phone, it will become a brick. New scam Dumou told the Chongqing evening news reporter, he did not play money to each other, but came to Changshengqiao Nan’an District police station. Police said the matter was a new scam Du, has been involved in the investigation. The industry to remind the two strokes to protect Apple ID Du phone is how it happened? Chongqing evening news reporter consulted the technical staff of Yuzhong District of Taixing Monument for Liberation Computer City Sanyou digital Zhang Zhenghong. He explained that Du login to the other account, the other through remote locking, control of the phone and the phone in addition to the contents of the phone, you must re login to unlock. However, Du Mou only logged once the other account, can not remember the other account, resulting in unable to unlock, can not remove the other account. Zhang Zhenghong said, Apple ID seems to be the key to the phone, the use of someone else’s key to open his own cell phone, others can operate at random inside, steal his own Apple ID. Now, the need to hand over the key to open the phone. How to prevent? Chongqing evening news reporter to call the customer service that apple, the first to protect the safety of ID, you can open two step verification, click on "account password and security options, and answer the previous set of security question, start the two step verification 3相关的主题文章: