Members of the court of final appeal shall be open to a few views of the collegial panel – Sohu

Members: the final judgment of the collegial panel minority views should be publicly Sohu news yesterday morning, the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC standing committee deliberations of the Supreme Court Zhou Qiang made on judicial public report, members said publicly that the recent judicial affirmation, but also suggested that the minority opinion research open final verdict the judicial public will rise to the legal level. Members suggested that the record of the collegiate bench? A few comments on the final judgment should also be made public by Wan Exiang, vice chairman of the court of final appeal, that the court of final appeal should also be open to the views of the minority parties. Wan made up, President Zhou Qiang mentioned in the report, a number of parties or lawyers require the full court record, this issue is more controversial. Because the transcript of the collegial panel is in the enclosed volume, the opinions of the collegial panel may not be disclosed in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. But is the opinion of the minority in the final adjudication document open? "The court of final appeal is in accordance with the views of the majority, but the opinions of a few judges in the referee’s document is still open to a certain extent. In the Anglo American law system, the opinion of a few judges, after a few years, has become a new rule." Wan Exiang said that China’s maritime courts in many years ago has been open. Since the maritime court has made an attempt in this regard, and the response is also very good, I think it is significant to open the court verdict of the minority opinion". Wan Yi suggested in-depth study. Wu Xiaoling members also support the views of Hubei and Hunan million. "Justice in the understanding of the problems by understanding the limitations of the society at that time," she said, "in the final judgment, especially to some big issues when the judge announced minority opinion is important, the publicity will help guide the discussion on the problems of the society." How to avoid selective and arbitrary disclosure? Should the judicial open up to the legal level, Linghu An, Li Lianning, Wang Qijiang and other party members suggested that, in order to avoid selective open justice and randomness in the public, should rise to the legal level of judicial openness. Chairman Linghu An said that in recent years the progress of judicial publicity effect is obvious, especially on the supreme court put forward open, open, open, standard trial referee referee reasons to the public, the four open to impartial law enforcement, especially to avoid miscarriages of justice has played an important role. "It is recommended that the Supreme Court will open up to the legal level of justice, that is, when the time is ripe, the legislative proposals to establish the system of judicial openness." "Now there is a certain degree of openness of the judiciary, which the public, which is not open? What is the content of the public? How long will it take to make a public decision? It is necessary to have laws to prevent the subjective arbitrariness of judicial openness." Li Lianning members proposed to promote judicial openness to promote the law. Li Lianning suggested that the highest extraction please of the NPC Standing Committee made a deepening of open justice and promoting judicial justice decision. New members of the committee that: open is a double-edged sword for the parties concerned, there is a problem of personal privacy disclosure, the court may be concerned about the shadow.相关的主题文章: