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Media: Tianjin port case to the producer to the administrative department of the bottom line – Sohu news to the production and operation of the rules, to the administrative supervision department to draw the bottom line! 7 days to 9 days, the concern of the "8? 12" particularly serious fire explosion accident in Tianjin series case hearing verdict, this is the "8? An important part of responsibility for the 12" accident. The case according to law in a public trial and sentencing, soothe the victims of broken hearts, to give the public an explanation, but also to all the operators of bells, set up the rules, issued a more solemn warning to the public officials holding power: power comes with responsibility, will be investigated for dereliction of duty! Safety is greater than the day, the responsibility lies in the mountains. The trial showed that the "8? 12" accident, both with the enterprise does not strictly abide by the rules and regulations, the relevant agency production safety issue false documents, and the relevant government departments, breach of privilege of dereliction of duty, their duties are not in place. The responsibility of the court, including regulatory responsibilities of various functional departments, but also the relevant departments responsible person in charge of leadership, as well as production and operation of the main responsibility for production safety. It can be said that as long as the any department responsible for defending their territories, Ruihai company hazardous chemicals yard the "time bomb" can be discovered and removed, became a dud, this tragedy will not happen. Therefore, curing the safety consciousness, the implementation of security responsibilities should be reflected in the party committees and governments at all levels should be reflected in the selves, the relevant departments to perform their duties responsibly, but also in the good enterprise production safety first pass on. By it, we have to take this trial as an opportunity to put the "8? 12" accident forced power into the city to strengthen production safety management, firmly establish the "hidden dangers of accidents, accident is must deal with" philosophy, adhere to the "iron" and "iron rules" iron fist "and" core "radical risks, strictly from a solid grasp of the basic work, make great efforts to make Tianjin safe production demonstration city. Power is the responsibility, the responsibility to play. "In a minute, for sixty seconds, many will be able to avoid the tragedy. For public officials, corruption, bribery, corruption, abuse of power, lazy government, lazy government is dereliction of duty dereliction of duty to the party and the people, sometimes harm to society caused by bribery harm more than corruption. 25 officials were punished according to the law of most people is not bribery, but also because of dereliction of duty, breach of privilege. The court in accordance with the principle of authority and responsibility to adapt, to bear the defendant leadership responsibility especially the responsible personnel in key positions and key leaders, according to the law to increase penalties, highlights the party and the government’s determination to punish dereliction of duty. At present, the whole city is thoroughly study and implement the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit, firmly establish the "Four Consciousness", and promote the comprehensive strictly, to provide a strong guarantee to the party building new achievements in reform and development of Tianjin stable. Six plenary session put forward the new higher request to strictly. The power of the leading cadres comes from the people and should be supervised by the people and serve the people. No power by willful and arrogant, also not tolerate indifference and inaction. Willing to work every leading cadres and officials put the power and responsibility, with responsibility.相关的主题文章: