Media F -20 will be formally unveiled to the United States look down on.-wharfedale

Media: F -20 will be formally unveiled to the United States look down on it today "air release" released new photos f -20 prototype air force test pilot will drive in the eleventh f -20 aircraft Chinese airshow flying display! When the Chinese air force spokesman Colonel Shen Jinke October 28th released the news in Beijing, a large stone of countless people hanging heart finally fell, because before this, although there are countless news and information seems to have shown f -20 in this Chinese airshow display, but there is no authoritative voice military confirmation. Remember that in 2012 the ninth session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, a military official looking at the dense mass of the head, and feeling puzzled Island uncle: I do not understand ah, why are there so many people come here to see the show? The island looked at him ruefully: in addition to tertiary air show, you can also find a Chinese people close to public viewing of weapons and equipment in place? Just 4 years later, a lot of things began to change dramatically. From the air force Chinese repeatedly announced to carry out offshore training, to hold open air activities in Jilin Changchun, to China independently developed a new generation of stealth fighter debut China airshow, as a long-term concern Chinese military development of the media, the island saw China TERT revealed confidence and open air force. The Internet phenomenon in the China f -20, f -20 although first flew in January 2011, but in the past 6 years, as long as the relevant reports, it is the major military media headlines, and the progress every step of -20, are almost in the form of live in front of people, it can be said that annihilates -20 not only is a miracle of the military Chinese, is a miracle China Internet media, called the "f -20 phenomenon". These years, whenever it comes to annihilates -20 Island TERT actually will encounter a problem, that is why the fire fighter -20, how did the fire? As an old army fan, island uncle wanted to answer was, in December 29, 2006, CCTV "news broadcast" column for the first time publicly the f -10 fighter related information, but only 4 years later, it turned out that the f -20, "cross" joy beyond everyone’s surprise. More importantly, the -20, break the American monopoly in the field of stealth fighter, let Chinese first saw the chase over the United States in some areas of military might. And in the previous 20 years, so that the Chinese feel the humiliation of the Galactic incident, the embassy was bombed in the south, the South China Sea crashed behind the incident, are the shadow of this big country. It can be said that annihilates -20, disperse a cloud floating in the heart of many Chinese long. For this paper, I believe many people will understand the island uncle, why in the first flight of the -20 fighter that day, there will be a lot of people burst into tears in front of the screen, there will be a lot of people put their drink completely drunken. For the old models: F -20 validation machine break the American prophecy is interesting, the first -20 fighters to fly, is deeply shocked by the americans. Former U. S. Defense Secretary Robert · in his memoirs, "duty" (""), a book about his sword with the Chinese, "duty"相关的主题文章: