Max vogue International Trade Co., Ltd. opened South Korea, beautiful economy benefit Southwest 3u8547

Max Vogue International Trade Co. Ltd., South Korea opened the "beauty economy" to benefit the southwest Chongqing Mai Vega (Max Vogue) International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Chongqing City, the bustling gathering area of Jiangbei Guanyin Bridge trendsetter nine street, Chongqing chief full space ecological business complex exchange center. In September 18th, Max Vogue International Trade Co. Ltd. officially opened, combined with Korina company, Korea trade between China and South Korea (strain) Julia cosmetics company, the establishment of cooperative alliance of the three party, relying on the powerful resources of South Korea through the Korean Beauty Association, instruments, production enterprises and R & D units of talent introduction, training, build the latest Korean beauty equipment products technical personnel, and the southwest area of the beauty industry exchanges and docking platform. The opening ceremony ceremony (Chongqing City Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Overseas Exchange Association, the Korea trade investment promotion agency Chongqing Representative Office (Korea Trade Center), chamber of Commerce from all walks of life leadership to speech congratulation and witness the three party alliance signed) to South Korea "beauty economy" again in the southwest fueling Max Vogue international trade company chairman Yin Chengyi introduced to the United South Korea has created 60 years of history, South Korea’s second largest cosmetics company in South Korea (strain) Julia, to build a platform to sell southwest distribution to each big pharmaceutical chain and large business chain. At the same time will open up online and offline sales platform, the development of online APP as special purchase channels, the line will allow South Korean skincare products to Chongqing stationed in pharmacies, shopping malls and supermarkets, to ensure product quality, efficiency and price have a competitive advantage. In fact, the regional center of skincare experience skin care products into the pharmacy in foreign countries is a very common phenomenon, chairman Yin Chengyi said in the hope of Chongqing to lead and promote the implementation of this trend, South Korea to buy over the skin care products in Chongqing. Experience the latest Korean beauty equipment products combined with KORINA & in Chongqing; South Korea trade company, relying on the Korean Beauty Association, MaxVogue management center will set up the skin, beauty equipment and beauty technology for the southwest region of South Korea advanced beauty practitioners exchange and sales promotion, here you can feel the best Korean skin management service. Experience in the center of South Korea advanced skin care equipment at the same time, professional equipment and technology for the southwest region for communication and sales, so that more practitioners can also get the advanced skin care concept in korea. Good project must be natural, and believe that there is concern and support from all walks of life many of the Max Vogue International Trade Co., Ltd., Korea Korina trade between China and South Korea (strain) this piece of land Julia cosmetics company, three party cooperation will be in the southwest of Chongqing on the ground root and blossom.相关的主题文章: