Masked launch! Ella was told that Wowkie Zhang was a detective-vy canis majoris

"Masked" launch! Ella is to declare Wowkie Zhang detective Sina entertainment news "masked sing guess" on the evening of September 18th will usher in the premiere, by Momoco Tao, Ella, Wowkie Zhang, Ma Ke, Wang Zha, Shen Nan combination as guess jury, six masked singer sang on stage for the first time. The masked singer masked hidden identity, guess jury brains guess audience rating fancy, also called "hard to guess", the recording scene is?? Born singer leave crisis, the new system quite aspect. The new mask airtight Jia Ling He Jiong joined the program as Qingfeng suspected the conference said, "guess" masked sing will usher in a comprehensive upgrade, the singer will have new mask design. Six masked singers have first debut cute mask, "silly white sweet queen of hearts", "attack of the empress", "Iron Man", "sister Afanda pointed ears", "help me eliminate black eye", "Santa Claus is not at home, reindeer" 360 degrees of occlusion no dead angle airtight, full of challenges. A new mask how tight? The first stage of the masked singer "silly white sweet queen of hearts" let the guess jury completely puzzled. A thick red dress, gorgeous golden mask revealing only a pair of mysterious eyes, played by black people, the whole sedan chair sitting in the "throne" to complete the concert of the Red Queen on the stage imposing. The queen in "Alice in Wonderland", but the villain, the masked singer at the scene also playfully flavor. Refused to guess the jury asked her to stand up requirements? After that, she was forced to bring three funny personal skills, harmonica, sweater and bad magic, "if you wear gloves, you may want to weave a week, pick gloves, you may be able to three days." When asked to weave, "Queen" poker-faced cold humour guess jury, Wowkie Zhang said: "well, we’ll wait for you (finish) please?" The teacher praised its full sense of variety, and bold speculation she is Jia Ling, "why so much? The chair collapsed, the chair is only be able to quell Jia Ling." Attracted the audience bursts of laughter. Recorded that night, another masked singer "help me eliminate black eye" shape is also very eye-catching, with the head of the panda head small green shoots adorable audience, deliberately elevated tone, Meng Meng Da small steps and small movements of the burst table let him cute. The singer also chose a black and white match, Momoco Tao quipped: "you really want to take a color photo, right?" "Panda" on their own variety is very confident, boasted to the scene ten words guess jury laugh ", his body, voice and love funny characters?? The audience speculated that host He Jiong. Guess jury "scripts" possessed Wowkie Zhang lying on Ella guess the scene was masked and guess the jury that the singer playing dodge war, guess jury members have called halo. Before recording Momoco slightly nervous: "very nervous, afraid of a guess, it is a disgrace!" Wowkie Zhang said: "has been at home with their own eyes blindfolded more than 1 thousand songs, in order to have been fully prepared for this program. I believe that as soon as this person appears, I will be able to guess who he is." Though doing)相关的主题文章: