Mark · Livy behind the shadow of the man steal adaptation will take Chinese

Mark · Livy behind the shadow of the man "steal" adaptation will take China version of Tencent entertainment news on September 12th afternoon, won twelve consecutive years, France’s first best-selling author Mark · Livy with his own world masterpiece "steal the shadow of the man" came to Chinese, announced this phenomenal best-selling novel will be adapted into China TV drama version. Famous film producer, broker, director Huang Bin took over the right to adapt, and presided over the years, who stole our shadow – and Mark’s afternoon tea theme activities. With the "past", "Li Chuan" and other popular love knot the writer, screenwriter Shi dingrou, Oprah screenwriter Shi Hang, film critic Yin Xiang appeared in the interview scene. They have expressed their expectations for the film adaptation. This adaptation of Mark Levy Li, he said, "I found a best partner, I will not interfere with the film creation, the novel is my childhood dream, also hope to bring more China adults find childhood, find myself." Spear M Berg read the two page on the decision to buy the right to adapt writer Mark · who is Livy? Why is the man who stole the shadow? To answer this question, just look at some data. Mark is a leading writer in the French literary world, each of which has won the year’s top sales list in the. Since 2000, for 12 consecutive years, the title of "best selling French novelist". Copyright 42 sold, the total sales of more than thirty million copies. A Mark Livy 37 years before its debut, but a hit, "steal" the shadow of the man is Mark · Livy’s tenth works, but also his most successful works. This story is about a little boy with "steal shadow" super ability, can hear the hearts of the people to say the secret, he with the help of this special ability to help others find the light the light of life for every stolen shadow. In Chinese, the book sold nearly three million copies in print media, marvel, sales faster than the shadow disappear faster. SHE, Pace Wu and other stars are tears recommended. Mark · close relationship between Livy and the movie, which I also was born in the United States, a family movie, director Spielberg had before publication, only two pages, with two million dollars to buy copyright. This will be the "Shadow Man" steal the film adaptation rights by Chinese producer, this book is not only influential in China, Mr. Livy Mark is hoping to find a most love the most carefully adapted partners, he and Huang Bin and other creative communication is a "AMAZING", at the same time and he will not interfere in the creation, "because our family is in the film, I understand the importance of" non-interference very much, but he will be involved in the script writing and all aspects of marketing, to help it better quality. China version of "stealing the shadow" choose "good porridge bowl" novel "Shadow Man" is to steal Mark · the classic works of Livy’s classic, a lot of words in the novel have become exciting saying, "steal the shadow" in the process of the growth of the youth experience, he and his mother,.相关的主题文章: