Man forged a Xiamen real estate license Zhangzhou cheated 400 thousand people-霍金hawking

Man forged a Xiamen real estate license Zhangzhou 400 thousand people cheated company turnover difficult to buy a fake real estate license from a Zhangzhou man cheated 400 thousand cash. Maturity is not on the loan, but also promised 200 thousand of the high interest grace period, the results still can not afford. Finally, because the real estate license number and the actual property is not consistent, found documents are false, the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked. Yesterday, Xiangcheng Procuratorate approved the arrest of suspected fraud suspect zhang. In 2015, Zhang was born in 1966 in Anhui, operating a construction services company in Xiamen, due to cash flow difficulties, they think of loan to others and maintain their own name and no real estate, Zhang will be thought of using fake real estate license to cheat borrow money to flow. Zhang Road in Xiamen Xinglin District side through a "permit" the counterfeiters forged a number: Xiamen land certificate No. 01126825 "in Xiamen District of Jimei Pearl Garden Building 1 Room 601 real estate license. Later, Zhang met through a friend Zengmou Wu, at that time, Zhang said to them in Xiamen Jimei Pearl Garden District 1 building 601 room has its own property, and took out the fake house property certificate to them, said that their house is worth 700 thousand yuan. In fact, the room is rented to others to prepare the office space. The parties cheat trust after the evening of April 8, 2015, Zhang took the fake real estate license to Xiangcheng District Wu Rong Yu’s home, put a fake real estate license to Wu as collateral, and to Wu wrote 400 thousand yuan IOU and promised in July 30, 2015 to pay off the loan. Wu in the field of view of the property, on April 10, 2015 to 15, will be divided into three times to the account of Zhang Construction Bank of 400 thousand yuan. Thought of 400 thousand yuan investment, the business can pick up, then back to a fake real estate license. But Zhang’s business eventually failed to vote the money can not be returned. After the repayment period, Wu continued to recover the loan, but Zhang always with a variety of excuses and reasons for delayed repayment. Later, Zhang and Xu to high interest 200 thousand yuan, with 600 thousand yuan to December 30th of that year commitment to pay off, but ultimately could not afford. Later, Wu found counterfeit suspect Zhang provided the real estate license, then a detailed study, found that real estate license number and the actual property is not consistent, they suspect that Zhang false deceived borrowed his 400 thousand cash. In September 6th this year, Wu Xiangcheng to Interpol brigade report, accused Zhang forged a real estate license to cheat borrow 400 thousand yuan. That night, police received a phone call after Zhang, initiative appearing in court, the property permits forged borrowing confessed.相关的主题文章: