Made man or man! The meatball family onslaught love beans 2

Made man or man! The "meatball family" onslaught love beans 2 times Tencent entertainment news September 28th, Haining yuxil Television Culture Co. Ltd. in Guangzhou Nanfeng was held on the theme of "ball family – here we are" press conference, ushered in the 2 era of love. Four television culture Co., founder and chairman Zheng Xiang, co-founder and vice president of the giant Jubilee articles artists "balls family and strategic partners, the famous cosmetic surgery expert Professor Tian Yongcheng attended the press conference. Haining yuxil film culture company is an Internet based platform of film investment, production company, is committed to using the Internet platform from the media through "from the content to the artist, the whole industry chain system from business to issue". The company not only has a large-scale platform for the dissemination of fans and artists around the team, but also has a professional screenwriter and film production team. The company currently has two major business segments: content production, performing arts brokerage. These two plates form a positive interaction and mutual assistance, to enhance the popularity of the content and promotion of artists, artists exposure rate and promotional content products. Meatball family made plans for balls family is innovative, Sixi film culture company to create a versatile artist portfolio. During the press conference by virtue of their song by Hongkong musician Liu Ruoqi lady tailored for the high brain "pill you" the Divine Comedy explosion Xianshengduoren, with their youth explosion scene. In various performances, dance, talent and other aspects of professional system through training all balls family youth, Yan burst table values, each of you is a relatively mature professional artist. Both of them are beautiful goddess, the beauty of oxygen, both intellectual goddess, there is vitality girl, sister, also has the national love, both cool handsome men of God, there are warm male humor. This wonderful multi artist groups is the product of the combination of traditional film four artists brokerage and net red to promote Internet business model phase, will be multi angle and comprehensive radiation to the group of fans, become love beans, raise plastic artist, point the day and await for it! To create artificial star entertainment cosmetic already no longer secretive information 2 times, how many star performers want to destroy the black historical photos and now the yen value of a contrast, beautiful pretty at the same time, suction eye and suck powder. Whether it is a man or a red snake net, through cosmetic surgery blessing Internet platform exposure value Yan has been enduring topics. Nowadays most of the broadcast anchor on the network are stars, although has its own characteristics, such as nature, down to earth, but there are also shortcomings and bottlenecks. They want to go further, must be more professional, in addition to their own talent to enhance the value of the explosion is also very critical, which requires the help of professionals, planning and promotion. The film teamed famous cosmetic senior expert Tian Yongcheng, in the country to raise to shaping artists, committed to spend lots of money to build the first man-made star, help artists get further and more effective in performing on the road of progress. Mobile phone TV series "power! The sister killed" Liao by the conference, Sixi film as the bow family, mobile phone users who bring benefits — mobile phone play "high energy power up! The girl killed" this is four.相关的主题文章: