Ma Yili straight cancer need criticism, middle-aged men need to care liuxiaobo

Ma Yili: straight cancer need criticism, middle-aged men need to care as Jiang Yinan Ma Yili and Ma Yili Chen Jianbin, Legal Evening News reported in September 18th by Shen Yan, Liu [micro-blog] [micro-blog] wave directed by Chen Jianbin [micro-blog], Ma Yili [micro-blog] starring drama "China contemporary life relation" is currently the Oriental TV continued to hit. The contemporary people living difficulties, all by acting play the leading role of simplicity, by virtue of the Chinese contemporary social insight and the complex interpersonal relationship analysis, premiered on 1.076% of the ratings, and obtain the national evening prime time ratings ranked first, while the audience constantly praise. Yesterday, the Legal Evening News reporter interviewed Ma Yili. When it comes to the role of Ma Yili in the eyes of others in the life of the winner, after a loss of marriage, career, and pregnant with her ex husband’s children, through a variety of unique secular human……" To read. Speaking of "Chinese style" why can red, she bluntly: "because the subject matter." When it comes to the question of how to deal with the "love" in life, she says, "to the person you care about". When the mother is not easy and I followed with the characters of "growth" Legal Evening News (hereinafter referred to as "late"): see the girls often record the interesting life you micro-blog. This is the beginning of the season, there is no new parenting challenges? Ma Yili: School season is separation anxiety. Micro-blog said insomnia, is thinking about second days to go to school children, can adapt. France late: role from Xia Lin, Pan Yun to Jiang Yinan, feeling more and more powerful character. Do you have any of these characters growing up? Ma Yili: in fact, so many of the play, I had the highest similarity with the fact that Xia Lin, so Xia Lin will grow well, and I will grow up. France late: "Chinese style" Zhongjiang Nan Nan is a professional woman who has experienced the twists and turns of emotion and work. You’ve done a lot of career women before, and what’s the difference? Ma Yili: Jiang Yinan ‘s is a very different role. Now in many cities in general are very perfect image of the goddess, but I think one is a comparison of Jiang Yinan ‘s sentimental woman, and black and white, do things seriously. In fact, there are so many professional women in my life, I feel very real. Because of this truth touched me, so I hope that our film and television works can be more so flawed and flawed very real modern women. Method: Jiang Yinan ‘s character and later you have the same place? Ma Yili: Jiang Yinan ‘s one thing I like to do things in particular is particularly serious, for yourself and for each other’s requirements are particularly high, so sometimes the invisible will bring pressure to partners. But our intention is very good, but we do hope things are starting from the hearts of the real place, do not want to have any false, so may make people feel less able to accept, but if you work together to finally you will find that, we work with people like that is the most.相关的主题文章: