[love spell ap888]29 Wendan recommended Newcastle win period-doat

[love spell ap888]29 Wendan recommended: Newcastle vs Newcastle Preston Preston guest can start to the season badly, but the recent League rebounding team in the League unbeaten 6. But the week in the British Cup team 0-6 defeat to the game against newcastle. At present, many injuries to the team, the League Cup is also quite willing to give up. Preston currently ranks ninth in the league. Preston home record this season is still good, 7 games to win the game, the game is not without a chance to win 4 games. Newcastle recently showed the championship team style, the team nearly 15 games 13 win, many of them beat Norwich this first world war. In Newcastle this season in the championship is like Gail, allons stand head and shoulders above others, and Diyame have all the strength in the premier league. The Newcastle team not many injuries, or not the main defender Diaz, goalkeeper Elliott has missed the long-term habits. Love spell ap888 compensate the current out of the combination of 5.10 3.75 1.70, Newcastle with residual Premiership away popularity, let out half a handicap, stalls is very deep, is expected to continue the good momentum.相关的主题文章: