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"Love and cherish" Chi tonight Jiangxi satellite TV has opera – Entertainment Sohu in September 10th, autumn is getting stronger, hot summer Xian Xia fantasy drama has just finished, lead the audience to return to the reality of drama and swept the major TV prime time. In September 10th, the Huace group building, adapted from the original novel, Chen Yan Eiko served as screenwriter, director Xie Lv, actor Zhai Tianlin, Gao Lu, Zhu Yao, Zhao Ke, Wu Qian, recently, Wang Yanzhi co starred in the drama "city marriage topic and cherish" will be landing in Jiangxi TV Gold Theater and the audience friends meet! September 12th, Xiamen TV prime time broadcast, Youku potatoes, Iqiyi, Tencent, Sohu and many other video sites update. "And cherish" to the extreme and profound point of view about a marriage, love, betrayal, return to the emotional story, all in the most unexpected "love and betrayal" kicked off, breaking the calm marriage under the undercurrents, launched a tortuous entangled love adventure. The new angle painted out of the ordinary love world, explore the current situation of marriage much stronger than reality. Through the description of two urban men and women love and hate, love and revenge, justice and evil, poverty and wealth, human nature and the conflict of interests, moral and emotional impact, plot shape, with high contrast character strong hedge, the modern city marriage makes a profound analysis, contains the most as the hot topic of emotion, transfer "cherish and live music" the true meaning of life. "And cherish" because the story is very down to earth, the extreme emotional abuse of the heart can let a person more empathy, causing the audience a strong emotional resonance. The fate of the characters change radically, copy from rolia, real sense of life so that each plot, each character seems near, is unable to stop. The audience in the enjoyment of strong plot, strong feelings of pleasure, but also can feel the precious warmth of true love. To pay for the marriage but all night fell from heaven to hell, and the breath of life has become a taboo love. The play illustrates the world with extremely exciting stories of goodness and evil, and ultimately to warm positive energy to everyone in the audience to shock, to deep understanding, to enjoy, is very grateful for the sincerity of the life. Contains a new era of marriage concept, the challenge of scale, breakthrough may, will set off a new round of the theme of the national discussion Sadomasochism marriage. Your eyes, and cherish. September autumn, let us meet in Jiangxi, Xiamen satellite TV, starting a journey of love sm!相关的主题文章: