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The long-term lack of sleep to suffer from gastric ulcer massage can treat gastric ulcer for office workers, overtime has become a normal phenomenon, this is not only caused by lack of sleep, the long-term lack of sleep can cause gastric ulcer. Staying up late at work today has become a common phenomenon, but it can easily lead to sleep deprivation, and a new study shows that lack of sleep at night may increase the risk of stomach ulcers. Researchers at the University of Newcastle found that the body of the stomach and small intestine will produce a protein called TFF2 chemical substances of the rupture repair can be carried out in the evening, if lack of sleep, will reduce the production of such substances, thereby increasing the risk of gastric ulcer. The researchers studied 12 healthy people in northern England for a period of up to 24 hours to test the effects of sleep on TFF2 protein levels. The results showed that the content of TFF2 protein is generally accompanied by physiological rhythms and automatic adjustment, usually in the afternoon and evening to the lowest, the night to sleep up to the maximum. The researchers believe that during sleep, the level of TFF2 will be increased by more than 340 times, thus helping to repair the damage to the stomach and small intestine, prevent ulcers and gastrointestinal tract is not damaged. Young people think that robust and strong little sick, work overtime, and evening entertainment, too much by sleep time, time may appear out of a stomach problem, but after a considerable period of time, the stomach will come, as the saying goes "too little sleep, stomach to find" there is a certain reason. So the middle-aged friends don’t despise sleep at night, to develop regular habits early, so as to avoid the occurrence of stomach, overdraft health. Massage for 1, put energy-saving energy-saving in the stomach rib above the navel eight finger width of gastric ulcer by three point, near the edge of the ribs. Using the fingers pinch the pinch point, when the body can be leaned, relax muscles, and the gas, and stomach. Both sides take turns to knead, each of the 20 or so. 2, the back of the bladder through the bladder through the digestion of the bladder meridian in the back of the center of the left and right, there is a digestive tract area between the scapula and the lumbar spine. Beat the area around the back of the hand, the left hand beat right, right hand pat the left. From top to bottom, right and left hand wheel for tapping. 3, the oscillation stomach Zusanli ST36, located outside the eye of the knee (four knees depression), tibia area, next to the open finger, it is essence into the viscera, known as the longevity point. Hold hands, with the hand beat this point, about one hundred each, multi tap harmless. Multi oscillation can help health and longevity.相关的主题文章: