Liaocheng property owners were the main industry called terror flow all day-x3210

Liaocheng property owners were the main flow industry said two eyes all day "terror" owners have swollen history of big brother (video screenshot) a video with sister Ma from the scene in the video, the white man is the property manager Wu Chunbao. (video screenshot) Qilu network September 26th hearing in Liaocheng, there is a district called Emerald City, is said to have been pregnant for more than two months by the owner of the property abortion. After hearing the news, the reporter came to this area, the residents of this district in an interview with reporters found that the residents of the community on this matter but keep from talking about. Then the Creek Service reporter received a mysterious phone owners, said there is an important information to reporters. Then the reporter saw the owners in the river. The owners said that now is not the day of terror, "a sense of security". Owners Ma sister’s husband was injured and was admitted to the hospital. In the hospital, the reporter saw two eyes of big brother Liaocheng Jade City owners history are swollen, especially eyes swollen badly and is purple, the forehead is purple, is the blood of the mouth, two arms were scratched. Big brother told us that the feeling is a headache dizziness, simply can not stand up. After diagnosis, the history of big brother is a severe concussion, left eye brow fracture, tooth dropped a soft tissue contusion. Big brother memories, when he hit more than and 20 people, including property manager Wu Chunbao and security captain, as well as some of the staff of the property of the people of the world, and there are also some of the staff members of the property manager, Mr. Li Lianqiang. Ma sister said her husband was beaten with pregnant women beaten abortion is greatly related to this matter, because the horse sister is at the scene of a video, then sister Ma also brought us out of the scene. Ma sister said that the white man in the video is the property manager Wu Chunbao, and the woman is the owner of the hit Liu sister. Then, we call on sister Liu, Liu said, the day of his property to charge fees, but because the house maintenance fee and property matters and property manager Wu Chunbao has two times of conflict, first by Wu Chunbao kicked his feet, Wu Chunbao was driving dragged a distance, Liu in the evening miscarriage. And Ma sister because of the shooting in the next video, but also by the Wu manager kicked into the flowers. Ma sister eldest brother heard that his wife was beaten, but also quickly rushed back from abroad, looking for the theory of property managers, and was labeled as such. Sister Ma’s remarks also let us some doubts, if only to shoot video at the scene, why the property manager will be so angry and even work? But a few days later her husband was beaten like this, also have what special hatred between madajie with the property manager? Ma sister said she may be a special identity – Industry Committee director. Community industry authority is on behalf of all the owners, but once the industry in agreement with the owners can even replace the new property, arguably, the property committee before graduation Pakistan, but how the industry committee director. Sister Ma said that since the end of 2015 District owners after the establishment of industry in the first few months with the property relations is also good, but later because the property owners will worry about the replacement property, the contradiction between the two sides will open.相关的主题文章: