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"Li Yuchun" Fig: 10 years the road of music transformation in Chinese music, Li Yuchun is difficult to reproduce the phenomenon of figures. Out of the ordinary stage charm, variety of fashion modeling…… Among them, the most likely to ignore the most should not be ignored, it is Li Yuchun’s music. With the release of the latest 2016 EP "life", a bold breakthrough in the main theme of the song "fig" people on Li Yuchun’s music has a new understanding. "The fig" by have created a "farewell", "pain and happiness", "I am ugly, but I am very gentle" and the lyrics of Taiwan famous avant-garde poet Li Gedi with lyrics, but also very implicit and concise artistic expression, gives the song a lonely and stubborn soul. Fig in the lonely uphold the germination, growth, maturity, the wild state seems to be in the continuation of the "wild" and "presence", then the full, falling, forgetting, gives the meaning of other wild. The ups and downs of life and death is also full of strength, the same full of wild, this is the fruit of the brutal secret". Life is so, so is love. Unfulfilled promises, falling like a rotten figs, even if the final outcome is forgotten, and why? We still choose to exchange any commitment, on the side of the road to love. I think this may be a complete expression of the wild. And "the whole life to forget", "like fig forget the figs" and other poems, but also let people feel the love of "no" melancholy. Poetry into the song is not uncommon, "in the water side", "when you are old" is a successful example. But it should not be overlooked is that they are adapted for re-entry. Not adapted directly composed the song is very difficult, especially a song full of long sentences, structure of freedom, not allowed to make a change of the modern poetry. It is gratifying that the composer Chen Weilun and Li Yuchun, repeated writing, after polishing, and finally the stream of consciousness poetry and atmosphere of the tune of the fusion together. Speaking of composer, arranger, music orchestration these part of the draft, may be too difficult to tear off the title tag, for a long time, Li Yuchun more than one completed by the top producer and top musicians penned the album is neglected by the people. In fact, Li Yuchun in every album, will focus on the humanities and music and avant-garde, she has also been a breakthrough, trying to break the rules, this new EP is no exception. "The fig" is the instrumental part in Holland recording, recording featuring drummer is Cui Jian’s long-time partner, drummer babe. Beibei is currently at a Holland Jazz school abroad, in his words, is the drummer recording routine was too strong. "They’ll tell me how to shoot, and I need a distinct personality." As an important part of the rhythm section, playing like "fig" babe in the song as a distinct personality — he and two foreign jazz musicians together for the "fig" recording. On the surface, the hand of Beth, pianist, drummer, standard Jazz Trio, Beth holding a guy even traditional bass (Double Bass). But they are not the traditional jazz for the album, but the integration of electronic music, the avant-garde Jazz autumn相关的主题文章: