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Learn these 6 strokes, at home easily measured pregnancy – Sohu maternal menstruation has been delayed for a few days, has not come, this time most people want to know whether they are pregnant, 10. In general, delayed more than and 10 days can be heard early pregnancy test paper or pregnancy test from I test whether pregnant. Here, Xiaobian tell you a few strokes, if you delayed menstruation and with the following symptoms, you may be pregnant! 1 frequent back pain if before your back is not painful, but the last few days, but frequent back pain, then you may be pregnant. Because, after you get pregnant, the ligaments relax. As your baby grows older and your body’s center of gravity shifts, the pain in your back will always be with you. 2 fatigue you recently is not a sleepy situation? For example, when you’re reading a few pages, I felt very tired, this is probably because you are pregnant, the hormones caused by the increase of. But in the second trimester of pregnancy, such symptoms will slowly subside. 3 shortness of breath after a period of delay, you recently on the stairs, do you feel shortness of breath?. Fetus in your body is the need for oxygen, in the process of climbing the stairs is easy to hypoxia. 4 breast pain and breast pain? Breast bigger? Soft breast with drooping? You delayed menstruation after having these symptoms? If your breasts have obvious vascular areola, than before, that you may be pregnant. 5 always nausea after you are pregnant for 6 weeks, there will be nausea, vomiting symptoms in the morning. In general, during stage second, the situation of morning sickness will slowly fade. 6 going to the bathroom if you did not come tardy menstruation, and sleep at night when frequent toilet, is likely to be pregnant. After the woman is pregnant, the body will have a lot of extra liquid, whether in the day or at night will often go to the toilet. If your menstrual delay in the future and accompanied by several situations, then you are likely to be pregnant. Recommendations to the hospital for examination, a clear physical condition, pregnant to strengthen the nutritional supplement, do not do harm to the baby’s health.相关的主题文章: