Judge justice of the Tokyo may 璈 son should not be too much to beautify his father-rewrite攻略�

The Tokyo trial judge Mei Ruao son: should not be too much to beautify the father and sister Mei [Abstract] Xiaoao feel the influence of the father is not so big, his political less active life the biggest thing is actually involved in the Tokyo trial, it is a historical opportunity, unable to escape, but also should not be too beautiful. Mei Ruao old photos. The Tokyo trial judge Mei Ruao’s son Mei Xiaoao on father | reporter Fu Shiye on April 23, 1973, Mei Ruao died in Beijing. The Mei Xiaoao family received the call from the countryside to Inner Mongolia Tumotezuoqi Beijing, attended the April 28th memorial service held at the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery will. Mei Xiaoao recalls, the memorial service is the Ministry of foreign affairs of the small regular course of official duties. Let Mei Xiaoao somewhat surprising is the "people’s Daily" in April 29, 1973 fourth edition published in the lower right corner of Ruao Mei’s obituary. "People’s Daily" in April 28, 1973 fourth edition of Mei Ruao obituary obituary is very simple, the layout is occupied but not worth mentioning, strong political meaning, Mei Xiaoao said, Mei Ruao’s name in front of the title is equivalent to the implementation of the policy, to determine his own people rather than the class enemy. "After Nixon’s visit to China, China gradually opened the door to the western world, the situation is stabilized, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the surface has returned to normal. The obituary in the "people’s Daily" published, consider a little international influence." That year, 21 year old Mei Xiaoao. In 1969, Mei Xiaoao countryside. In the meantime, he went home three times. The two time was in 1973, because his father was ill and went home. Such a calculation, Mei Xiaoao and father time, but 18 years. In these 18 years, he knew little about his father. There are objective reasons for this. Mei Ruao and his wife Xiao Kan late. Mei Ruao was 48 years old when he was born in 1952. With the words of Mei: "the middle of the two generations". In the intersection with his father in a short time, the memory of his father is not clear. When he was young, he didn’t even know what his father was doing. He and his father do not communicate, there is no conflict. Mei Xiaoao talked about a little story with his father, who lived in a bungalow in the top silver alley, the old house, the Housing Authority in the central part of the house with a column. Mei Xiaoao once read comic book "journey to the west", said it is Dinghaishenzhen columns of the East China Sea Dragon king. Second days post up he found more than a row of small print: Ruyi golden cudgel, weighing thirteen thousand and five hundred pounds. It was written by Mei Ruao. Mei Xiaoao said this anecdote is actually a small plum McCain is reminding myself of my sister, my sister was finished, Mei Xiaoao like to recall. Mei Xiaoao did not remember his father exoticism, he is very common in daily life. Only once, Mei heard his father speak English at home, is a friend of the father of international law expert Chen Tiqiang visit. "Uncle Chen comes, they sat in the chair, starting with English exchange." Mei Ruao is not how Xiaoao Mei learning home while reading atmosphere, but in specific learning things, Mei Ruao never ask. In June 1966, because of the "Cultural Revolution", Mei Xiaoao located in Beijing.相关的主题文章: