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Jie Zhenhua: the climate change in South South cooperation circle of friends to become bigger and stronger – Beijing Beijing in November 14 Marrakech Xinhua (reporter Yu Lan Li Xiaoyu) in response to climate change China affairs special representative Jie Zhenhua 14 in the Marrakech climate conference: "sound for the first time Chinese will bear responsibility, together with all parties to work together, to pull together in times of trouble. Climate change in South South cooperation circle of friends to become bigger and stronger, to more climate partnership." The United Nations climate conference in Marrakech today entered the second week – high-level negotiations. 13, Jie Zhenhua arrived in Marrakech today at Chinese angle "South South cooperation to address climate change high level forum", the international cooperation on climate change, both North South cooperation, also cannot do without South South cooperation among developing countries. The Forum on South South cooperation in addressing climate change is co sponsored by the Chinese government, the United Nations and the government of the kingdom of Morocco. Jie Zhenhua said, China in a highly responsible attitude and actively respond to climate change, you will get best practices to cope with climate change the implementation of low-carbon development policies, measures and capacity building with developing countries to communicate and learn from each other, through South South cooperation as a force for global cooperation on climate change. In 2015, at the Paris conference, the participating parties through unremitting efforts, reached a historic "Paris agreement", put forward the common vision of global climate change, the long-term goal, a positive signal transmission to the transformation of the global green low-carbon. Climate change will further strengthen South South cooperation and promote the establishment of broad participation, pragmatic and effective cooperation and win-win, let each person do his best, the global climate governance system, Jie Zhenhua put forward three proposals. First, consolidate the basis of mutual trust. The outcome of the Paris agreement is hard to come by, and it is necessary for all parties to jointly safeguard and implement it. The Marrakech conference should be a meeting to achieve tangible results in adaptation, finance, technology and capacity building in developing countries. Especially in the capital on the issue, the developed countries should be clear in 2020 to $100 billion a year long term capital funding commitments timetable and roadmap, and propose further action after 2020 to match, new and more funds to support the plan, to ensure the continued expansion of the scale of capital climate. At the same time completely cashed in on the Green Climate Fund donation commitment to meet the urgent needs of developing countries to cope with climate change. Second, to achieve complementary advantages. The developing countries have different national conditions, different stages of development, but are facing economic development and improving people’s livelihood, eradicate poverty, protect the environment and climate change challenges, there are a lot of experience with each other. Carry out North South cooperation on climate change in developed countries financial support at the same time, the developing countries through South South cooperation to strengthen exchanges, share best practices and policy measures to address climate change and achieve mutual exchange of needed products. Through global cooperation to achieve win-win cooperation, change challenges as opportunities to promote common development. Third, the establishment of communication bridge. International organizations have played a positive role in promoting global response to climate change and achieving sustainable development in the organization and mobilization相关的主题文章: