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Jiaozuo 15 million winner of love for the public welfare donation of 50 thousand yuan full – Sohu in the evening of October 27th, Chinese welfare lottery tickets for the 2016126th phase of the lottery game, this is 2016 Shuangseqiu 900 million yuan awards after starting third faction award. Out of the red number 02, 06, 12, 17, 18, 19, 10. The double chromosphere open prize 4 note, 3 note for multiple bets, not to participate in the awards, a single injection of 10 million yuan prize, 3 note first prize goes to 3, 1 in Shandong, 1 in Zhejiang, Ningxia 1 note; another 1 note for multiple bets, by the Jiaozuo province lottery lucky LAN by. This note from nearby Henan province Jiaozuo City Taihang Road Xindong 41080024th betting station special award, bet for the type of 7+1, the face amount of 14 yuan, get a bonus of 15 million yuan (including 5 million yuan prize).   second days afternoon, when we are in the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center Duijiang hall to see the grand prize winner Mr. Hu (a pseudonym) when he was talking about his lottery history " ". " I should be a super hardcore lottery, the lottery has ten years of time, the vast majority of color have played, what 3D ah ah 22 seven lottery pick 5 ah quick games, is the cost of the scratch scratch. But after all, the love is certainly the double chromosphere! As with other than the same type of lottery, the winning rate of the double chromosphere especially burst frequency awards did not say, is absolutely the way ahead. " when the staff was informed of this note is when their Grand Prix Shuangseqiu 900 million large faction award third prize only a penthouse, Mr. Hu described as " I think the winning odds, as if from the vast universe threw a grain of rice. The results hit me on the head, simple that is to take the super good luck to me this! What is the secret of " when it comes to pick in hand, Mr. Hu rubbed his hands " I buy double chromosphere is basically does not fall on the period, love all kinds of compound. Keep the number of personal habits, and love at the same time keep a few numbers. The winning number of this group I have kept 5 or 6 years. In general the number I will buy 9+1, this is I have no money to kill 2 red became 7+1. At that time, it is also considered to kill the 25,26 two large, retained the front, or else this award can not find me! "   " in fact this morning to see when you found the lottery announcement, my mood basically can be used to describe the calm, and not as many as the winning lottery excitement can’t sleep sleep and heart disease make a sense of excitement. Because I always feel that buying lottery tickets is a hope, but also a dedication of love, winning is luck, not winning when I contribute to social charity. I am still quite a caring person, usually in the street to see beggars whether or not they will give some money to deceive them. This time I am willing to donate 50 thousand yuan for social charity!相关的主题文章: