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Jiangxi Taihe waste bridge collapse: find the remains of the whole confirmed that 3 people were killed – Beijing Beijing in September 15 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Wang Jian) after five days of continuous day and night search, the fire brigade found the last 1 lost person remains in Jiangxi Taihe bridge collapse. At this point, the morning of September 11th the old abandoned collapse accident identified 3 lost contact with the crew were all killed. On September 11th at 9:17 in the morning, Taihe County of Jiangxi province in the demolition of an abandoned old bridge in the construction process of collapse. The accident resulted in 5 people were injured (of which more than 2 people were seriously injured), rushed to hospital, the loss of 3 people. According to a local official in Taihe County, lost, two people responsible for a bridge Blasting Technology Development Co., a human in a Nanchang demolition limited company personnel. According to the fire department, when the collapse occurred 8 construction workers fell. Rescue personnel arrived, an excavator sank to the bottom, a construction truck floating in the water, a project with a van at the old bridge collapse body and bridge junction. In September 13th, Jiangxi Taihe County official announced that 2 of them lost the body already in the morning was found. Rescue teams were located 8 km downstream of the scene of the accident and the loss of up to 15 kilometers to find the bodies of 2 people lost contact. The remains of the victims after landing, the rescue team held in silence. (end)相关的主题文章: