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Jay Chou 140 million luxury decoration luxury aerial view of Taipei scenery exposure Tencent entertainment news September 25th news, according to Taiwan media reports, the end of last year, Jay Chou to the total price of NT $660 million (about 140 million yuan) to buy the luxury interior "He Ping garden" exposure, luxurious decoration, overlooking the scenery of Taipei, the famous 101 building seemed close at hand. Taipei city is located in the Da’an District East peace on the "Peace Garden" for the urban renewal case, Lee Yuan Construction deputy general manager Wu Lijin said the case since the buy, more integrated to complete the construction, after more than 10 years. At the end of last year, Jay Chou bought the top floor, the floor of the household, fame, it is understood that Jay Chou home after more than 1 years of decoration, has not yet been completed, until next year star tenants in the fear of the lunar new year. The key to let Jay Chou shot, Lee Yuan said, building 1 by Lorenzo Tondelli to create the public space, even the exquisite art and Humanities Jay Chou, very satisfied. Wu Lijin said: "the Tondelli is slow, this part, Lee Yuan Construction chairman Lin Toshio gave him considerable space to play, the design of Tuli when completed in 1 years, coupled with the construction period of 1 years, from large to small bookshelf, wall, stone pillars have personally finalized, supervised by Tondelli."相关的主题文章: