Japanese professor study from kuajian view was awarded the Nobel Prize for Comedy (Figure) actv

Japanese professor study "from kuajian view" was awarded the Nobel Prize for Comedy (Figure) Japanese professor "kuajian view" research won the Ig Nobel prize "Japanese professor kuajian view" research won the Ig Nobel prize kuajian view kuajian view kuajian view original title: Japanese professor kuajian "look at the scenery of won the Ig Nobel Prize in September 23, according to Japanese media reports, recently, scientific research awards the humorous Ig Nobel prize ceremony in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University held the eastern United states. The research object and usually bent over to see the difference of Ritsumeikan University literature professor Higashiyama Atsu from between the legs legs (Psychology) won the award of "perception". Dongshan said: this area is generally no one interested, but this time it was very surprised to win. I’m glad to be praised." The Japanese have won the Nobel prize for 10 consecutive years. It is reported that Dongshan "expert visual space" and other areas, the 2006 paper "between the legs of the world size constancy and reduce the appearance of shorter distance" research by the judges will certainly. If the bending over the Kyoto Miyazu city from the crotch of the "bridge", the sky and the sea place upside down, can see the unique scenery. It is well known that the appearance of objects that are taken in different positions at the same time changes. Professor of Dongshan students volunteer experiments, finally prove that if the head fell below the chest to take "bend from the crotch to see" posture, it is difficult to accurately grasp the scenery of the sense of distance. Dongshan in person at the award ceremony performed "bending from the hip between the act of looking, attracted the presence of the audience laughter. It is reported that the Ig Nobel prize by the co authored papers and Dongshan, Graduate School of Osaka University professor Zu Lihao Ping (Statistical Science joint action). The idea of the thesis is proposed by dongshan. Editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: