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Japan and South Korea in response to North Korea tensions star Korea US Japan military cooperation in promoting the Sohu news [global times in Korea, Japan special correspondent Wang Weilan song] North Korea informed will launch a satellite, due to "borrow a wary of North Korea’s satellite launch missile", the ROK government started intense preparations, South Korea’s Unification Ministry remained in a state of emergency during the spring festival. According to Yonhap news agency 5 reported that the relevant departments of the Korean government in response to the DPRK launched a satellite has entered a state of emergency. South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Zheng Junxi said on that day, in response to North Korea’s satellite launch, the Unification Ministry in the Spring Festival holiday period of 8 to 10 days to maintain a state of emergency. On the first day of the lunar year, the Ministry of unification will set up emergency work teams, and the North Korean comprehensive situation room will also increase manpower. Zheng Junxi said, from the current grasp of the internal trend of Korea, North Korea in the ongoing launch preparations. According to the Korea Niuxi Si news agency reported on 5, a South Korean military official said, North Korea may is the rocket fuel injection, to prepare for the launch window period (8 to 25) before the arrival of complete launch preparations. South Korean Defense Minister Han Minqiu held a national defense Crisis Management Conference on the 5 day, and asked for an active response to the DPRK’s possible surprise launch". According to NHK television reported, 5, the Japanese self defense forces continue to North Korea missile may fly through the Okinawa county to deploy ground to air interceptor missile "Patriot -3" (PAC-3), and strive for 7 days equipped with complete. Equipped with a place in the Ishigaki Kamiya Island, will also be equipped with 3 aegis destroyers. Japan’s Ministry of land and transportation also issued a notice requiring airlines to avoid the relevant routes during launch. According to Japan’s Kyodo news, Japan’s defense phase Valley yuan 5, said at a press conference, "is ready to 7 days so far due to deploy."". The military cooperation between Japan, the United States and the United States is also continuing to advance. According to the South Korean KBS television 5 reports, in response to the DPRK rocket launch, Korea, Japan and the United States to increase military cooperation, the 5 morning held a defense deputy director level video conference. The three parties evaluate the current situation at the meeting and share the relevant intelligence.

韩日紧张应对朝鲜射星 韩美日军事合作也在推进-搜狐新闻  【环球时报驻韩国、日本特约记者 王伟 蓝雅歌】朝鲜通报将发射卫星后,因警惕朝鲜“借射星之名试射导弹”,韩日政府开始紧张筹备,韩国统一部在春节期间仍保持应急工作状态。  据韩联社5日报道,韩国政府相关部门为应对朝鲜发射卫星已经进入紧急状态。韩国统一部发言人郑俊熙当天表示,为应对朝鲜射星,统一部将在春节长假期间的8日至10日保持应急工作状态。大年初一到初三,统一部下设机构将分别成立应急工作小组,朝核综合情况室还将增加人手。郑俊熙称,从目前掌握的朝鲜内部动向来看,朝鲜在持续进行发射准备工作。据韩国纽西斯通讯社5日的报道,韩国军方一名人士表示,朝鲜有可能正在对火箭注入燃料,以备在发射窗口期(8日至25日)到来之前完成发射准备。韩国《国民日报》5日的报道称,韩国国防部长韩民求当天召开国防危机管理会议,要求“主动应对朝鲜可能的突袭发射”。  据NHK电视台报道,5日,日本自卫队不断向朝鲜导弹可能飞经的冲绳县部署地对空拦截导弹“爱国者-3”(PAC-3),并争取在7日全部配备完毕。配备地点在石垣岛和宫古岛,此外还将配备3艘宙斯盾舰。日本国土交通省也发布通告,要求各航空公司在发射期间要避开相关航路。据日本共同社报道,日本防卫相中谷元5日在记者会上称,“正在准备到7日为止做好应有的部署”。  韩美日的军事合作也在持续推进。根据韩国KBS电视台5日的报道,为应对朝鲜火箭发射,韩美日三国加大军事合作力度,于5日上午举行了国防副局长级视频会议。三方在会上评价当前局势,并分享相关情报。相关的主题文章: