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Movies-TV Everyone knows that Jannat 2 is based on arms trafficking but films opening credits reveal that you can trade guns for a cause, which according to our hero Sonu Dilli is – if everyone in the world owns a gun, everyone will be equal and the world will be a happy place! There begins Jannat 2, another Vishesh Films prototype thats engaging in a few parts but predictable in many. Jannat 2 is the sequel to Jannat (2008) with precisely no similarities with the prequel except the director and the leading man, but is that logic good enough to market a film as a sequel or just a way to cash upon prequels success. But was Jannat a hit? However, .ing back to Sonu Dilli K.K.C (Kutti Kamini Cheez) he leads a low life but earns big money only to blow it off on prostitutes ‘Chamdi ki chadar me’ in his own lingo. Brace up Jannat 2 for a storm of double meaning dialogues – that was just the beginning! Sonu Dilli loves 3Gs not Abhishek Bachchan wala but guns, girls and gaalis. So, dont get traumatized when mother-sister abuses pop-out in every dialogue or you spot Sonu ‘humping’ a woman on the beats of ek rasta aha aha, do raahi aha aha. Talking about performances, Randeep Hooda will walk away with adulation for playing thesanki aur ziddicop with aplomb. It wont be an exaggeration to say that he is the best thing aboutJannat 2. He presents his angst with brutal honesty. Emraan Hashmi is decent. But he has tried really hard to get the Dilli act right while throwing his lines at superfast speed in the Haryanvi accent. Lesser said is better about the heroine, Esha Gupta. Those who are .paring her to Angelina Jolie need to get a life. With that expressionless straight face, we would like to call her female John Abraham. Kunal has extracted great performances from the supporting cast including Arif Zakaria, menacing Maneesh Choudhary, Mohd Zeeshan Ayub (Balli). The story of Jannat 2 bears traces of Nicolas Cages Lord of War, but is totally desi, as its based in Delhi with characters influenced by jaats. The street-smart Sonu Dilli (Emraan Hashmi) meets ACP Pratap Devdaas kinda cop, sunk in booze 24X7 and brooding over the his wife’s death, who was shot. By whom? We dont know. And now busting the illegal arms mafia has be.e the motto of his existence. He gets hold of Sonu (pants down literally), makes him his informer to get to the roots of the nexus of arms racket. Parallel to the crime saga runs a .pletely off-track love story between Sonu and Jhanvi (Esha Gupta) thats clichd from the word go. Right from love at first sight, corny pick-up lines like hath zakhmi tha ab dil bhi zakhmi ho gaya to a qualified doctor-ni marrying a sadak-chap goon , dream sequences and a skimpily clad heroine theres everything typical in this romance. But strangely, despite lots of kisses, beautiful songs and even a bedroom scene but the spark goes missing from the chemistry between Emraan and Esha. So, what happens when Jhanvi gets to know his real profession? Does Sonu escapes the mafia and live a peaceful life that he always dreamt of? Find out as you watch Jannat 2. Though the film is predictable, the director has smartly tried to overshadow the loop holes in the script with a fast narrative. But nothing can suffice for a meatier plot. Director Kunal Deshmukh (Jannat, Tum Mile) has added some twists but they also lack shock-value required for a thriller. Good things about the film are performances and camera work (Bobby Singh) – special mention to the chase in the dargah. Kudos to the cinematographer for shooting it slickly! Here we think that sprinkling some more action sequences would have made a difference. Musically, Pritams songs are already topping charts. But its better to listen them on a CD as in the movie as they dont fit into the film and look stuffed. Backround score is impressive. The dialogue-baazi is crude but goes with the theme of the film. So, if you have no qualms watching a typically Bollywood film, .plete with dialoguebaazi, dhishoom-dhishoom action, an average story, remarkable performance and a super hot heroine, you can watch Jannat 2! Else, wait for the DVD! P.S. Though Jannat 2 doesnt bear an A certificate, but there’s certain stuff in the film that you might not like your kids to watch and hear. Buzz Rating: 2/5 Directed By: Kunal Deshmukh Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Randeep Hooda, Esha Gupta About the Author: 相关的主题文章: